10 Planters That Will Spill Fragrant Flowers Into Your Garden

Waterfall blue lobelia - No other blue flower can match the intensity of Waterfall Blue lobelia, a perfect floral imitation of water flowing from the pot. Riverdene Gold Mexican Heather gives a lime green color around the container, and Rustic Orange coleus in behind looks good with the heather and the intense blue of the lobelia.

Water features are soothing, but can be expensive to purchase or DIY. So how do you get the appearance of a constantly flowing water feature without the moisture, price tag, or mess? Create a spilling planter! These are decorative garden displays that use flowing patterns or vines to simulate water flowing out of an overturned […]

11 Fantastic Ways to Recycle Tires Into Your Garden Decor

garden tire 1

It’s unfortunate, but often times old, worn tires end up in the landfill after they’ve been replaced. Some auto shops will recycle the tires, but still too many end up taking up space in landfills. You can easily request to keep your old tires, but you’d probably be wondering what on earth you could do […]

15 Recycled Items to Add Personality to Your Garden


We’re excited to show you how you can use anything laying around your home and transform them into attractive looking centerpieces in your own yard. Here are some of our favorite recycled items you can use to beautify your garden. We all know that gardens are a wonderful way to add beauty to any urban […]

17 Marvelous Garden Decoration Creations

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The backbone of a garden is based on what is growing there, but that doesn’t mean that decorations can’t be every bit as important as the living plants! The decorations in a garden or backyard set a certain tone for the space that can either compliment or contrast the plant life growing there. A well […]

10 Garden Edging Ideas With Bricks and Rocks


Are you lacking something in your landscaping? Edging your garden bed may be all you need! When it comes to edging a garden or flower bed, there are hundreds of options: wood, concrete, recycled glass bottles, and even china plates and seashells. These edges can run from small and clean to incredibly detailed and grand. They can […]

15 Recycled Pallet Planter Ideas For A Unique Garden


When it comes to using planters in a garden, there are endless options. Grow bags, ceramic pottery, plastic planters, hanging baskets, and even more! So when you choose what to add to your garden space, things can get overwhelming. Ultimately, whatever design works best with your personal taste is going to work best in your […]

10 Surprising Ideas For Decorating Your Outdoor Space


As we’ve all come to realize at some point, decorating the inside of our homes can do only so much. We want to add that personalized touch to our outdoor spaces, to truly make it our own. To that end, we’ve decided to cover a handful of examples of fantastic outdoor decorating ideas! With no specific […]

15 Amazing Tree Stump to Planter Conversions

Tree Stump Garden 1

Unfortunately, there are times when it becomes necessary to cut down trees. Sometimes they carry diseases and bacteria that threaten surrounding plant-life, sometimes their growth threatens other structures, and other times their roots can destroy a landscape. Whatever reason you may have for cutting down a tree, it is important to know that it does […]

32 Breathtaking Flower Box Ideas


Flower boxes are one of the most traditional and beloved garden additions out there. The svelte container gardens are able to be placed in a variety of spaces, bringing the beauty of flowering plants virtually anywhere around your home. We wanted to investigate further, and gather a large selection of the best flower boxes we […]

10 Garden Edging Ideas with Wood for an Earthy Garden


When constructing a garden, everything revolves around physical appearance. After all, if we didn’t care about how the space looked, we wouldn’t be planting flowers anyways! The manner in which we contain our gardens can make a huge difference. Edging can play a huge role in the overall appearance of your garden area. No matter […]

10 Solid Garden Edging Ideas With Bricks


Gardens today ultimately serve an aesthetic purpose. They are functional for growing fruits and vegetables, but in this day and age, even those vegetable gardens should be attractive. After all, a handsome looking garden is a sign of a dedicated gardener. Keeping a fine edge around your garden is a huge part of maintaining its […]

17 Incredible Candle Ideas to Add to Your Garden

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Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any decor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors. They’re a very versatile way to add style to an outdoor space without upping your electricity bill with LED or string lights. This collection […]

25 Indoor and Outdoor Succulent Gardens Of All Sizes


Succulents are incredibly easy to take care of, so even if you don’t have the greenest thumb, you can still keep a thriving indoor or outdoor garden filled with these beauties. Succulents come in many different colors or textures, so each garden you plant has the potential to be utterly unique. These drought-resistant plants can […]

18 Creative Ways To Store Your Garden Hose

hose butler

We all have a garden hose. If you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard you probably have an even bigger hose to go with it. While useful, garden hoses can be a nuisance. They are unruly and usually found in that unsightly green color – there just never seems to be a good way to wrangle […]

10 Rain Gutter Garden Ideas To Spruce Up Your Garden


When you look at a rain gutter, what is your first thought? It’s probably not that it would make a fantastic planter, right? But they do! There’s an incredible amount of projects that are easy to complete and don’t require a lot of materials that will help you turn a simple rain gutter into a […]