10 Interesting Facts about Succulents


Succulents are plants that are extremely popular for many gardeners because they can be grown indoors and outdoors, and they are easy to care for and maintain. I have come to love succulents, and since there is such a huge variety of this type of plant, they tend to vary quite a bit. With that […]

Tips on How to Use Epsom Salt for Beautiful Roses


Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers that you can have in your garden, but they can also be difficult to grow. Insects love them, and they require a lot of care to thrive. The extra effort that is required for vibrant roses is well worth it, but there are a few tricks that […]

20 Beautiful Climbing Plants for a Stunning Pergola


Many outdoor gardens have structures like pergolas or arbors that help give some character to the space, but if you have a climbing plant to accompany the structure, you will be able to train your plants to create a vertical depth that is simply stunning. A pergola is also a great way to incorporate a bare wall […]

Fall Plant List and What Not to Plant!


The weather’s getting colder and the trees are dropping leaves, but that’s no reason you can’t still garden. In this video by CentralTexasGardener, Trisha will be covering what kinds of plants are safe to plant in the fall and which you should wait on for warmer times. The video points out that, unlike what many […]

10 Plants that Bloom in Fall


As an individual who loves having flowers in bloom around my home, I need more than flowers that bloom in the spring and summer in my garden. Fall blooming flowers are lovely, and they typically produce deep jewel toned blooms of purple, rust orange, and scarlet red. I have created this guide with some of […]

Tips on How to Divide Hostas


In this video, Chris Alexander from HostasDirect is going to walk you through the three Ds of dividing hostas. The three D’s include digging, de-dirting it, and dividing it. In the video, he’ll be dividing a wolverine Hosta that is getting very large as it is seven years old. During the process, Chris uses several […]

10 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


Imagine that you are having a cookout at your home. Everything is perfect; it recently rained but the weather stayed nice for your gathering. As you sit down to eat, you feel something crawling on your leg, and you slap it away. Once the night is over, you notice that you have five big bites […]

10 Perennial Flowers For Sunny Areas in Your Garden


Spring has sprung, which means that now is the time to get your garden in order for the summer. I like to fill my gardens with perennials so that they come back the next year. My garden used to be surrounded by trees, but we moved this past year, so now my garden is full […]

15 Unique and Creative Succulent Planter Ideas


Succulent plants are the perfect solution to a dry summer that has not had a lot of rain. These types of plants thrive in any weather, but planting them in plain everyday pots can dim their potential. In addition, some planters may fade in the sun, which will diminish the look that you are shooting […]

15 Cactus Garden Ideas (Photos)


If you live in a desert area where rain is not a common occurrence, then having a garden may be a difficult task. The solution? Create a cactus garden that does not require a lot of water to thrive. You can easily add other plants to your garden, but you will want to stick to […]

15 Pink Plants That will Look Amazing in Your Garden


The right flowering plants can change the entire feel of your yard, and also influence the creatures that make their home there. Whether you want to attract butterflies and bees to your garden or simply add some nice, soft color to your yard, there are many pink plants to choose from. You can add just […]

15 White Colored Plants for a Gorgeous White Garden


White flowers are often the symbol of purity, and they do lighten a space. They often frame pops of color as well, but the most attractive aspect may be the cool, soothing aura they project. Mixed with green leaves and stems, white blooms beckon observers to comforting havens with refreshing wafts of perfume and pleasing […]

Landscape with Water-Smart Plants: 10 Perennials That Mock Heat and Drought


If you’re a busy homeowner who still wants a beautiful flowering landscape in your arid location, you may be seeking plants that can thrive under drought conditions. What should you plant that saves water, money, time and conserves resources? Some of these questions are answered in this list of plants that perform beautifully in drought […]

11 Gorgeous Plants for Shady Borders


Have you ever wondered how many plants there are that can thrive in a shady garden? Is it even possible to create a beautiful ornamental garden in shaded areas? Most people have shade at least somewhere in their gardens, and thankfully there are an assortment of plants that thrive in shadowy spaces. This article covers […]

15 Nifty Plants Rabbits Won’t Eat: Defend Your Garden!


While cute, rabbits can be serious garden pests! There’s nothing quite like the frustration of carefully planting and caring for your garden, only for a family of rabbits to show up and mow your plants right down to the ground! Rabbits have favorite foods, and that’s why your neighbor’s plants may fare better than yours. […]