How to Choose and Plant Hydrangeas (Tips)


Hydrangeas are beautiful plants that are full of color. In this video Roger Cook shows you how to choose and plant Hydrangeas. It’s best to go to a nursery to select the hydrangeas so that you can see the flowers while they are in bloom. Some will grow over 10 feet in height. These are […]

How to Plant a Garden for Birds and other Pollinators


Joshua Dean is a landscape designer in this video who shows you how to plant a garden for birds and other pollinators. These include bees and butterflies. Stepping stones are ideal for placing in the center of your garden. They will give you easy access for caring for the plants once they begin to grow. […]

Great Tips on How to Grow Petunias [VIDEO]


If you long for baskets of vivid petunias that bloom all season, then it’s time for you to take action, and learn a few tricks from the professionals. This video reveals maintenance tips that are easy to perform, and they won’t empty your wallet. Snip the Forming Seed-Pod It’s not enough to remove the finished […]

Easy Tips for Growing Dahlias


Would you like to learn how to grow dahlias? In this video, courtesy of P. Allen Smith, you will learn some great tips for growing these flowers. Dahlias are gorgeous summer-flowering bulbs and range from 15 inches to six feet tall, depending on the variety you choose to plant. In this video, P. Allen Smith […]

3 Ways to Help Your Flowers Bloom All Season


Do you ever wonder how to have beautiful blooms on your flowers all season? If so, this video courtesy of P.Allen Smith is just for you. He gives us all kinds of tips on how to plant flowers so you have the most beautiful landscape setting. He outlines the best types of organic fertilizer to […]

Tips on How to Grow Full, Bushy Mums in The Fall


What would fall be without bunches of bushy chrysanthemums? Mums are an essential part of the fall landscape. This video provides you with the vital trick that you need to produce full, bushy blooms of mums. Chrysanthemums are low maintenance but they do need some tender loving care in the spring and the summer in […]

Tips on Planting Fall Annuals & Bulbs


In this video, Teena Spindler discusses how to change flower beds for the fall season. Using these tips will allow any gardener to have a great looking garden in fall and spring seasons. 1. Don’t Remove Everything Some plants you don’t want to remove as they will survive throughout the fall and winter seasons and […]

17 Gorgeous Fall Flowers To Include In Your Garden


As summer comes to a close, we watch the leaves turn, enjoy baked goods, and partake in fun autumn activities. Unfortunately this time also means that many gardens are losing all of their bright bold colors and preparing to hibernate for the coming winter. This is a sad time for many, but if you planned ahead […]

10 Easy Tips for Growing Roses [VIDEO]

Heritage Rose

Often times gardeners are intimidated by planting roses. Although roses do not require expert knowledge, they do require some maintenance. In this video, you will learn 10 tips to help your roses blossom and flourish in your garden. 1. Rose Selection You will want to choose a rose species that grows easily in your climate. […]

Choosing Tall Perennials for Fences and Walls [VIDEO]


In this video by Sensible Gardening you will see a wide selections of tall flowers and grasses that are suitable for the back of the garden or along a fence or wall. Once planted, you will not have to re-plant every year as all the plants shown will come back year after year or every […]

Butterfly Gardening: Learn Which Perennials and Annuals Attract Butterflies


Creating a haven for butterflies is as easy as growing some of their favorite plants. In this video you will learn which flowers will draw butterflies to your garden. There are a variety of plants that produce nectar that is appealing to the colorful flyers. You can find out which perennials and annuals attract butterflies. […]

Top Shade Garden Plants: Add Color and Interest to Shaded Spots in your Garden


In the video below, Better Homes and Gardens offer tips on turning shady areas into colorful garden spaces. Hostas add interest to shade gardens with their wide selection of foliage sizes, shapes, and colors. If you enjoy native wildflowers, consider Virginia bluebells or bleeding hearts. The pinkish-blue bluebells and pink or white bleeding hearts appear […]

(Video) The Perfect Flowers for Your New Perennial Garden


In this video, Sally from Sugar Creek Nurseries gives a list of the top ten perennials for starting a new perennial garden. The flowers have been selected based on dependability and their ability to flourish in the climate around Kirkwood, Missouri. A perennial is a flowering plant that comes back annually. For those interested in […]

(Video) 6 Green Thumb Tips for Growing Great Flowers


In this video, courtesy of Planet Natural Garden Supply, you’ll learn 6 useful tips for growing great flowers. Growing flowers is more than just picking a pretty color scheme. It is a step-by-step system, so it is important to carefully plan out your garden and prepare before you plant the first seed. Knowing the sun […]

How To Get Your Hydrangeas To Turn Blue


Blue is a popular hue for gardeners. The trend to use blue flowers, like hydrangeas, is growing. However, there’s a bit of study and planning before attempting to make hydrangeas turn blue. Aluminum Sulfate and Soil pH – Opt for Balance Soil, as every gardener knows, affects the end result of the appearance of flowers […]