Different Types Of Roses


Roses are the most popular flower in the United States. In 1986, they were even named as the nation’s official flower! With their widespread familiarity, the casual observer might think that there’s not much about roses that can be learned. The truth is surprisingly complex and nuanced. To start with, there are three major categories of the plant: wild, old garden, […]

How To Care For A Bergenia Plant


Bergenias are a hardy, semi-evergreen ornamental that originally came from Asia. It is now a favorite in gardens all over the country, and numerous stunning varieties are available. The thick, shiny leaves of the bergenia are typically heart-shaped, and in parts of the country where the weather gets cool, they produce lovely fall colors. The […]

The Different Types of Orchids

Ines Blue Orchids 2013

Orchids are delicate, beautiful flowers in vibrant shades that you may have seen for sale in your local supermarket. Although they look delicate and can be somewhat intimidating for a person who can’t seem to keep their houseplants alive, in reality, they can be very easy to take care of and can be enjoyed for […]

The Surprisingly Different Types Of Tulips

Fringed tulips

Tulips are an incredibly distinctive breed of flower, instantly identifiable around the world. In the most dry, scientific terms, the tulip is a bulbous flowering perennial plant encompassing around 75 currently accepted wild species belonging to the family Liliaceae. Tulips historically needed a good freeze to bloom, but modern farming techniques have made them generally available year-round. But we’re not […]

The Different Types of Low-Maintenance Geraniums

Pink Geraniums

If you walk into nearly any greenhouse or garden shop, you’ll probably find at least one or two varieties of Geraniums. In most places, gardeners treat these large, luscious blooms as annuals, since they need to be brought indoors during the winter to keep them from dying, but in the coastal and tropical south, they […]

The Different Types of Lilies


Big, beautiful lily flowers are some of the most recognizable flowers in the world. The flower is actually so popular that many flowers with “lily” in the name aren’t actually true lilies! Daylilies, calla lilies, water lilies, and lily of the valley are just a few of the dozens of “lilies” you may have heard […]

5 Common Daisy Flowers That Are Perfect for Beginning Gardeners

Gloriosa Daisies

Daisies are one of the most recognizable and common flowers. Nearly everyone can recognize the classic shape of a daisy: white petals surrounding a bright yellow center. However, there are thousands of varieties of daisies, ranging in size, shape, and naturally occurring colors. Some daisies you may not even realize are daisies. The popularity of daisies is […]

5 Deadly Plants You Might Have at Home


As gardeners, we are surrounded by beautiful plants that we grow indoors or outdoors. While some of these plants and flowers are readily edible, and many are, some of the most widely grown ornamental flowers can be fatal. As you look around your garden, you probably aren’t wondering about the toxicity of the plant’s you’ve […]

Fragrant Roses Can Grant Your Garden The Perfect Scent

Madame Isaac Pereire

Roses have long been treasured for their classic looks and their famously sensuous fragrance in equal measure. As some of the most reliably beautiful flowers to grace any garden, it’s no wonder they’ve remained popular for hundreds of years. The variety of color and scent combinations available today is astounding, and can be intimidating to the beginning gardener […]

20 Favorite Perennial Flowers


It’s no wonder that for generations perennial flowers have graced gardens around the world. There is a certain pleasure in seeing the arrival each year of favorites that like wildflowers, just seem to happen on their own. Once established in their designated areas they will delight by naturalizing and spreading the beauty of these favorites year […]

Garden Lovers Club – Rose Gallery


Welcome to our Rose Gallery. This unique display will take you on a garden-like walk through roses of all colors. The variety of the rose flower is often over looked in favor of the classic rose. This velvet symbol of love is enchanting and beautiful in all of its different red shades. There are also many […]

11 Beautiful Hydrangea Flowers


Welcome to our gallery of Hydrangea. Take a look at these Hydrangea, they are just gorgeous! Hydrangeas originated as native plants in southern and eastern Asia. There are about 75 different species of hydrangeas. These beautiful plants have two different types of flowers, namely the mop head type flowers and the lace cap type. Mop […]

The Different Types of Gardenias


Gardenias are reminiscent of warm nights, sweet romance and vintage beauty. A symbol of the south, they bring to mind lavish gardens and sprawling manors. When planted around a porch or near windows, gardenias infuse the air in the home with a scent almost as sweet as candy. There are several varieties of this evergreen […]

Caring For English Daisies


English daisies are a great way to fill out a garden with hundreds of petite flowers. Their hearty nature allows them to grow in any kind of soil. They are also simple and inexpensive to care for. English daisies are often used to cover the tougher growing areas of your landscape. They make excellent companion […]

How To Grow Columbines

While there are many aesthetically appealing plants that one could opt to grow in their garden, columbines are a particularly attractive plant. The columbine plant (which is officially referred to as the Aquilegia), is a perennial that is relatively easy to grow. In the spring, the columbine blooms in a plethora of comely colors, and […]