Learn How to Make this Spring Fairy Garden

If you’re looking for a little bit of color around your home, consider making a spring fairy garden with tips from Garden Answer’s.
You want to begin with a large basket. It’s best if you can use a cement basket or one that isn’t made of plastic so that it will support the number of plants that you include. The fairy garden gives you a chance to use real plants, such as violets and daffodils. You want to use bright colors that will look like fairies standing out while the basket or holder is in the yard.

Fill the bowl with potting soil. You want to use one that has a drain hole so that the water has somewhere to go instead of collecting in the bowl.

Plants can be of various sizes and designs. This is a project that is meant to look pretty for the spring and summer instead of the entire year. Begin with a large centerpiece, such as a California Blue Spruce.

After the spring season, you can remove the tree from the bowl, planting it in the yard. Another option is to add a small water feature in the center of the bowl to give a sparkling effect that resembles the wings of a fairy.

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