Learn How to Create a Summer Hanging Basket

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Hanging baskets make a wonderful complement to your patio, balcony or exterior walls. This short, informative video by Dobbies Garden Centres provides a great tutorial on how to create a beautiful summer hanging basket that will spruce up your outdoor space.

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After detailing the supplies you’ll need, the video then explains how to plant a 30cm hanging basket in eight simple steps.

The process is quite simple and involves only 13 plants for this particular basket. Once you have your materials together, you will need to fill the basket with compost then add slow-release fertilizer and water retaining gel. The secret to a fantastic looking hanging basket is to have some plants growing through the liner, so the video shows you how to cut holes in the liner for approximately half of your plants. After adding a little more compost and your remaining plants to the top, you will need to water it thoroughly before hanging on a hook or bracket.

In order to keep your plants healthy and vibrant, the video suggests removing blooms as they die, which will encourage fresh blooms to grow in their places. Also, you should water about once a week during the growing season to ensure that your plants do not dry out.

A hanging basket is a lovely way to add some color to your summer, so watch this informative video to see how simple the process can be.