Do it Yourself Vertical Hanging Pallet Vegetable Planter

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Do you have a small yard or even no yard at all, but want to grow some of your own vegetables? This do it yourself vertical hanging pallet veggie planter is for you!

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This step by step video, presented by Garden Answer, tells you everything you need to know to build this space saving garden. Pallet crafts are very trendy these days, and this one is no exception.

Using mostly recycled materials, Laura explains how to build a living piece of art. Be certain to start with a pallet that has not been treated with any chemicals or pesticides. First, you mount your brackets to the pallet and make sure it will hang where you want. Then she shows how to basically make a container out of the pallet using thick plastic, landscape cloth and a staple gun to close up the back and bottom.

Once the pallet is reinforced, it’s time to add your soil and plants. To make this one extra beautiful, she uses 2 different colors of lettuce intermittently. Next, water in the plants and let it rest for a bit. She explains about the different wait times for different sized plants.

Once it’s ready for the wall (or fence) Laura uses the opening on the top of the pallet to plant some cute spring flowers. Be sure to fertilize your new garden every couple of weeks and enjoy your veggies!