Strawberry Planter: From Laundry to Outdoor Luxury


Laundry has never been so lovely. Trailing greenery and blossoming buds are not the things that you’d expect to see protruding from a basket for dirty clothes. Even so, this instructional video from the “Garden Answer” proves that an inexpensive laundry basket from a local discount store can serve as an attractive strawberry planter. The colorful topper consists of monardas, gold dust, and other stunning plants; it helps to create a decorative yet functional addition to your back yard. Evidently, strawberry season begins when you get your inventive juices flowing!

The first step is to cut a small hole in the bottom of the laundry basket for proper drainage. The basket itself can be any color, and the lining is just a simple burlap sack. You can find a sack at a local nursery or craft store. After the burlap has been placed inside the basket like a garbage bag with flaps hanging over the top, you can pour soil into the container. You should then cut off the burlap flaps so that the sack is even with the top of the basket.

Since the strawberry plants must fit into the openings on the side of the basket, you have to cut through the burlap that is situated behind the holes and allow the roots to reach the soil. Don’t use all the holes; space the plants so that they have plenty of room to grow. If the plants that you pick to go on top are designed to hang over the side, then don’t put strawberry plants in the very top rows of holes. Your finished project will need to be placed in the direct sunlight so that the strawberry plants will flourish. Be sure to choose plants that can handle the rays.

This beautiful strawberry planter will brighten your garden while requiring very little of your time and money. It is easy to maintain and will stay pretty as long as you keep the plants neatly trimmed. Let a basic household commodity along with a few small shrubs transform your yard into an alluring terrace!

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