10 Terra Cotta Potter Projects To Spice Up Your Garden

Almost every gardener has terra cotta clay planters in their yard or garden. Read this article to learn how to use them cleverly.


If your’e an avid gardener like we are, you likely have some excess terra cotta planters laying around. There’s nothing much more satisfying than repurposing and recycling unused possessions into something wonderful and fun, turning the mundane and forgotten into something bold and memorable.

We’ve collected 10 of the best terra cotta planter recycling projects we’ve encountered on the web, including a picture of the finished product, short description, and links to the original DIY guides for each. Whether you’re looking to craft something purposeful, like a bird bath or nighttime warming candlelight display, or simply want to add pizzazz and color to your garden, we’ve got you covered. These projects range from elegant to exuberant, with something  for every gardener to enjoy!

Potted Candle Planters

Potted Candle Planters

Using your planters to add beautiful candlelight will allow for nighttime gardening at its finest during the warm months. Instructions can be found here.

Clay Pot Critters

Clay Pot Critters

Here’s a truly playful project! Claypot Critters are a bright and bold way to add color and fun to your garden. Perfect for involving the kids, these will inject any garden with loads of personality and joy. Instructions can be found here.

Chandelier Planter

Chandelier Planter

This is a fabulous repurposing project, enabling you to use any planters to add rustic elegance to any space, indoors or out. Bright colors can add a burst of wonder, or muted tones can keep things classy. Instructions can be found here.

Clay Pot Snail

Clay Pot Snail

The happy looking Clay Pot Snail is easy to craft and impressive to view. Using simple bold colors that can brighten and complement springtime, it’s a whimsical project for you and your family. Instructions can be found here.



This is one of the best, and most perfect ways to repurpose your planters. The shape is already there; you only need to add a dash of paint and fun! Drop a small light in the top and you’ve got a functioning garden lighthouse. Instructions can be found here.


Bird Bath

This idea is almost too on-the-nose; look how perfect the planters make a fantastic, well proportioned bird bath! We show here a pair of examples, using the natural clay color of the pots and a rainbow painted model, dotted with floral details. Instructions can be found here.

Bird feeder

Bird Feeder

To pair with your terra cotta bird bath, why not craft this adorable bird feeder? Simple design requires only a few planter pieces, and will look remarkably inviting to the winged presence in your garden. Instructions can be found here.

St. Patricks Day Hat

St. Patrick’s Day Hat Planter

This project is a holiday-minded piece, completed mainly by a smart and fun paint job. The shape is already there, waiting to be turned into a fantastic Irish themed planter. Instructions can be found here.

Staggered Stacked Planters

Staggered Stacked Planters

This stacked planter design, also known as “tippy pots,” is a deceptively simple creation. Offering a look of playful haphazardness, the pots are used for their original purpose while also making for a unique visual. Instructions can be found here.

Vertical Planter

Vertical Planter

Lastly, we come to the vertically stacked planter. One of the more basic designs, this piece is a simple way to add interest, fun, and save space while displaying a variety of floral life. Instructions can be found here.

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  1. Dianne King says

    Love your ideas using the clay pots! However, the last photo with the American flag does not follow American flag etiquette. Please research before posting. Thanks!

      • Deb Mosley says

        Yes Dianne, please clarify how the display is disrespectful of our flag. I’ve looked at several sites that detail flag etiquette but couldn’t find anything that even comes close. Thanks!

  2. dottsie says

    When the flag is hung vertically on a wall, window or door the Union (blue) should be to the observer’s left. When the flag is hung either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the Union (blue field) should be to the observer’s left.I was curious myself to see what was wrong but I did find this.

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