Make Your Own Terrarium Succulent Arrangement

Looking for a crafty tutorial to add something new to your home or garden? In this video, created by Garden Answer, discover how to make your very own beautiful terrarium succulent arrangement in just a few easy steps.
Terrarium-Succulent-Arrangement You don’t need much to create a terrarium. First, you’ll need a glass tank, bowl, or jar for the container of the terrarium. This video uses a glass chest with rustic wooden detailing, but you can get creative with what shape and size container you’d like for your project by reusing old jars, fish tanks, or perusing a local arts and crafts store. Next, it’s important to lay down plastic sheeting and cover it with potting soil and moss as a base for planting the succulents. Garden Answer demonstrates that finding succulents of various shapes, colors, and sizes to juxtapose beside each other will create a more harmonious look for your terrarium.

This video has easy-to-follow visuals and shows that this project has minimum fuss. Garden Answer even adds some unique touches like decorative driftwood with hot-glued artificial succulents to bring together the look of the terrarium. In less than three minutes, you’ll be inspired to go out to your local nursery to pick up a collection of succulents to build your own terrarium today!

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