20 Out of The Ordinary Recycled Garden Planters

Get inspired by this gallery of 20 low-cost ideas for transforming unused household items into eye-catching containers for your garden.


If a plant can grow anywhere, why not tuck it into an old boot? If that looks great — and it does — try filling a junked convertible with zinnias and daisies. Don’t forget the trunk! What follows are 20 ingenious ideas for rescuing unused household items and turning them into plant pots and container gardens. Inexpensive and easy, these projects range from tiny (wine corks) to massive (the car). Some may require a bit of heavy lifting. Moving an old bathtub into the garden will take some serious muscle power. But the effort pays off in the spring when the tub froths with flowers. It looks like a blue and white bubble bath. All that’s missing is a soap dish with my favorite lavender scent and maybe a piece of moss for a loofah.

I have always loved the idea of reusing shoes and boots as plant pots, but I never thought to plant a spangly pair of high heels with succulents that stick out the open toes and climb up to the ankle. I think it’s chic, but would Jimmy Choo approve?

My all-out favorite project is the five pairs of jeans. They are stuffed with potting mix and planted with pointy grasses that grow up from the waist. It’s like having five spiky friends leaning on your balcony, ready to sip a beer. Maybe they would prefer green water? This is near perfect, but I might add a dash of color with a red bandanna in one of the pockets and maybe a pair of silver spurs. A few more details would make this droll concept pop with color and sparkle.

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