20 Out of The Ordinary Recycled Garden Planters

1. Worn-Out Boots Revived with Chrysanthemums


A yellow chrysanthemum pokes from a hole in this pair of well-worn boots that have been transformed into a rustic planter. There’s plenty of space for potting mix in the cuffed uppers, while the sole flaps lose to provide drainage.

2. Rusty Trough Sets Off Colorful Blossoms


Rusty and spotted with verdigris, this old metal trough contrasts nicely with the red and white flowers and the purple coleus leaves. Spiky blooms and pointy leaves look like firecrackers shooting skyward from the earthy container.

3. Glass Bottles Stack Up to a Unique Planter

Source: Cozy Little House

Dozens of green glass bottles are carefully stacked to form a perfectly cylindrical planter. Placed with their necks inward and the indented base outward, the bottles create a texture that looks like the trunk of a shiny palm tree. The hefty planter dominates the feathery plants inside.

4. Pallet Garden Shows Off Leafy Greens

Source: 99 Pallets

Painted barn red and propped up so it’s almost vertical, this recycled pallet makes a convenient space for extra rows of vegetables. Pretty and portable, it can be placed on a lawn within easy reach during growing season and stashed away in the garden shed for the winter.

5. Five Green Friends Belly Up to the Balcony

Source: Cozy Little House

Spiky grasses sprout from the tops of five pairs of stuffed jeans. They lean against a balcony railing as if waiting to be invited inside. Blue jeans and soft green grasses make for a subtle color scheme in this humorous lineup that’s sure to get a chuckle from friends and neighbors.

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