20 Out of The Ordinary Recycled Garden Planters

6. All Aboard the Flower Train

Source: Top Dreamer

Wooden barrels are set on their sides and cut open to form the locomotive and cars of a train hauling pansies across the grass. A tiny barrel makes the smokestack and a board cut with two round windows suggests an engineer’s cab. Wooden disks are used for wheels and headlights.

7. Slatted Shelves Keep Pots Neat


Wooden shelves with slats nailed across the frame create a safe place for dozens of small plants. Two sets of shelves attached to the wall keep plants secure from the wind but open to sunlight. One leaning against the wall neatly stores empty pots.

8. Pink and Green Brighten Up an Old Bike

Source: HnG Ideas

The basket of this blue bicycle is filled with pink flowers and trailing greens. Containers attached to the seat overflow with plants, replacing the rider that used to pedal the bike, which is now permanently parked on the grass.

9. Re-Tired and Ready for Planting


Ratty black tires are transformed into cheerful planters with layers of yellow, orange and green paint. They are hanging from chains looped into a window screen and planted with trailing flowers that spill over the sides, softening the edges. Coordinating troughs in yellow and orange complete the design, which hides a gray painted window.

10. Try This If Your Horn No Longer Toots


Old horns that have lost their shine make eye-catching planters when attached to a window box. The looping tubular shapes steal the show as the plants barely emerge from the dented bells of the musical instruments.

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