20 Out of The Ordinary Recycled Garden Planters

11. A Leaky Umbrella Becomes a Home for Pansies

Get inspired by this gallery of 20 low-cost ideas for transforming unused household items into eye-catching containers for your garden.

Source: Faith Tap

A white umbrella no longer useful as a shelter from the rain is put to use as a planter for blue, yellow, and purple pansies. The scalloped umbrella looks like a large white blossom, giving this clever container the appearance of a garden within a flower.

12. Powered by Flowers


The front compartment of an old red Beetle is filled with purple flowering plants. This design harks back to the the painted flowers that adorned counterculture vehicles in the nineteen-sixties. No longer road-worthy, the little car still makes a big statement.

13. Plants Go Parking


This red convertible is filled with multicolored flowers in the front seat, back seat, and trunk. Plants are the car’s only occupants now that it has found a permanent parking place in a grassy field.

14. An Old Tub Makes a Splash of Color


An out-of-date bathtub is moved into the garden and filled with blue and white flowering plants. Somewhere along the way, the outside of the tub was painted a golden yellow, so it stands out against the green of the hedge

15. Rotted Log Sprouts Red Blossoms


A weathered hollow log filled with potting mix makes a container for a plant with elegant red blossoms. The ragged edge and peeling bark make a beautiful contrast with the scarlet flowers that hover above the log.

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