20 Out of The Ordinary Recycled Garden Planters

16. Pretty in Pink

Get inspired by this gallery of 20 low-cost ideas for transforming unused household items into eye-catching containers for your garden.


This tiny pink teacup contains sturdy succulents. The graceful fluted form of the cup and saucer sets off the chubby leaves of the plants for an overall look that’s charmingly off-beat.

17. Wine Corks Make Tiny Root Pots

Source: Craftsy

Cutting holes into wine bottle corks creates miniature rooting pots for tiny twigs and shavings of lichen. The organic colors of the corks make them look like little tree trunks, and the display would be perfect for a Christmas decoration.

18. Blue Stripes Liven Recycled Planter


Marine blue inside with lively blue stripes around the outside, this container may once have had other uses, but it has come to rest in the garden as a place to grow profusions of yellow and blue pansies as it gently wears away.

19. Bag a Few Plants

Source: HGTV

Shiny handbags and candy-colored lunch coolers hang from a metal fence. The bright green, purple, orange and yellow bags are colorful homes for plants, trailing and upright. Purple coleus leaves are especially striking in this bold display.

20. Perhaps They’ll Start Dancing


They may not be dancing in the breeze, but these hearty succulents are growing happily in a recycled pair of pumps. Still sparkly and crazed with a lacy pattern, the high heels may have seen better days, but I doubt it.

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