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Welcome to our Rose Gallery. This unique display will take you on a garden-like walk through roses of all colors. The variety of the rose flower is often over looked in favor of the classic rose. This velvet symbol of love is enchanting and beautiful in all of its different red shades. There are also many other flavors of roses that offer their own touch to beautiful bouquets. Through a bit of modification, a rose can even appear purple, blue, or black. This diversity makes roses perfect as gift for any occasion and paints gardens in a soft and exciting rainbow.

The appeal of the rose is personified by the soft petals surrounded by very sharp thorns. This evolutionary defense creates a look very pleasing to the eye and appealing to the soul. Roses also have a potent and popular scent. The fragrance of these flowers is sweet but very powerful. The very first commercialized perfumes were inspired by the scent of them. Caring for roses is an admirable pass time. With the attention that these garden flowers require, being able to get a big, beautiful, and healthy rose from a stubby young bush is a true talent.

It is only fitting to explore these plants for what they are: a work of art.






Nice walkway of pretty roses. I love this picture.








These roses look beautiful planted along the fence line.


This is such a pretty photo of this yellow rose.

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