Great Tips on How to Grow Petunias [VIDEO]

If you long for baskets of vivid petunias that bloom all season, then it’s time for you to take action, and learn a few tricks from the professionals.
This video reveals maintenance tips that are easy to perform, and they won’t empty your wallet.

Snip the Forming Seed-Pod

It’s not enough to remove the finished blooms from the plant. Keep your short-handled pruners sharp and nearby for a regular trimming. Remove the fading flower, and the forming seed pod to stimulate the blooming process all over again.

This maneuver prevents the plant from slowing down and actually ending the flower season early. A plant that is forming seeds is ending its season.

Prune Any Long Over-Grown Stems

Cutting off one-third of the tip-end of the plant encourages the plant to branch-out with new growth. Your petunia will surprise you with a vigorous, healthy flush of bloom.

Provide Adequate Water

If your petunias are growing in hanging baskets or porch boxes, they will need almost daily watering routines. You may need to water smaller containers more than once a day. Keep a filled watering-can nearby, and give the roots a good soaking. If you pay attention to your plant’s performance, it will alert you to any needed care.

Petunias are among the easiest annuals to grow, and the reward lasts a whole season. Be prepared to enjoy the long-lasting beauty that is made possible with your regular maintenance chores. You’ll become a better gardener after watching this video and visiting You deserve a beautiful garden.

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