How to Choose and Plant Hydrangeas (Tips)

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants that are full of color. In this video Roger Cook shows you how to choose and plant Hydrangeas.
It’s best to go to a nursery to select the hydrangeas so that you can see the flowers while they are in bloom. Some will grow over 10 feet in height. These are ideal for tall houses. Some plants have white flowers and will get so full that they fall over, which is good for homes that have a wide front. When you plant hydrangeas in an acidic soil, you tend to get flowers that have brighter colors. Some of them will grow in areas that do get colder in the winter so that you have flowers throughout the year. When you remove old hydrangeas, remove the roots completely before adding another flower in its place. Hydrangeas work well if there is plenty of soil for them to grow and some space around the plant.

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