8 Perfect Spots For a Solar Fountain Pump


If you have water in your garden or you want to create something for the animals to enjoy in your backyard, then a solar fountain pump is going to be a great way to create a unique waterscape. I have a backyard pond, and I love the way that my solar … [Continue reading]

11 Gorgeous Plants for Shady Borders


Have you ever wondered how many plants there are that can thrive in a shady garden? Is it even possible to create a beautiful ornamental garden in shaded areas? Most people have shade at least somewhere in their gardens, and thankfully there are an … [Continue reading]

How To Grow Chili Peppers


Whether growing your hot chili peppers indoors or out, this video will show you what you need to do to grow, nurture and harvest your chili peppers. The video shows you how to start chili peppers indoors from seed, how to pinch back the plant to … [Continue reading]

10 Tips for Savvy Gardeners

step 6

Gardening is a fun and relaxing hobby that produces everything from delicious herbs and scrumptious foods to medicinal plants and fragrant flowers. Whether you are a novice looking for tips or an expert looking to improve your technique, in this … [Continue reading]

10 Plants for Privacy and Beauty

Clematis Vine

If you're the homeowner that desires a little isolation on your homestead, and a fast-growing natural greenery screen that offers privacy, you can make it happen with some right choices. Knowing exactly what you want when you shop at the garden … [Continue reading]

22 Black Flowers For A Dynamic Garden

black daylily

Planting a garden is all about expressing yourself and creating a place of beauty for you and your loved ones. We like to think of the gardener as the artist, and the garden itself as the medium with which the artist creates their work. The … [Continue reading]

How to Plant Hydrangeas From a Cut Flower


In this video, Donna Emery, an expert horticulturist who makes videos for the Expertvillage, shows how to properly propagate a hydrangea plant from a cutting. First, find a large woody stem on the hydrangea that will be the donor for the cutting. … [Continue reading]