17 Brilliant Rain Chain Ideas

Rain Chain Options

Incorporating items that are exclusively ornamental, such as paintings and statues, is an important part of decorating your home and garden. However, you can greatly expand your decorating options by adopting a simple philosophy: How can I accomplish … [Continue reading]

7 Cute Solar Garden Decoration Ideas


In this small gallery we've gathered 7 solar powered products that are easy to use and install. 1) LED Crystal Ball Solar Powered String Lights These lights install so EASY!  With the modern convenience of solar panel power, you can place these … [Continue reading]

10 Best Plants for Humid Areas


When I was growing up, I would spend summers with an aunt that helped foster my interest in growing things. The only problem with my aunt's garden was that she lived in a particularly wet and humid area of Florida and had to be very careful what she … [Continue reading]

13 Top Plants for Chickens (Chicken-Friendly)

Chicken-friendly Plants

My love for gardening was first stoked when I would visit my great aunt's farm. Not only was my aunt an avid gardener, but she also had a wide array of livestock that she would tend to on a daily basis. It was through my visits that I got to know the … [Continue reading]

15 Bee Friendly Plants for Your Garden

bee plants

An Introduction to Bee Friendly Gardening Bees play an integral role in the overall health of your garden, as well as in the local environment around you. They are essential for plant and flower cross-pollination, bringing life with them wherever … [Continue reading]

15 Plants that Attract Hummingbirds


As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was watching the hummingbirds flutter about in my parent's garden. They always seemed to be around the feeders and certain plants, but I never realized that they are attracted to the color red until much later … [Continue reading]

15 Best Pool landscaping Plants


When decorating your pool for summer use, you always want to create a warm and friendly ambiance. Just as important as having the proper furniture and a clean pool is the type of foliage you choose to surround your pool with. You should carefully … [Continue reading]

15 Low Maintenance Flowers You Can’t Kill


Traveling is difficult when you have a lot of high maintenance plants in your garden that you need to care for. Not everyone has a green thumb, so finding someone to care for your plants while you are away may be more difficult than finding someone … [Continue reading]

10 Best Plants for Balcony Gardens


My balcony is a location that I retreat to when I want to relax, but I have never had much luck with growing plants in the space. The temperature and the light conditions are different in this area of any home, so growing most plants on a balcony … [Continue reading]

10 Lucky Plants For your Home and Garden


We all need a little bit of luck in our lives, some people get their luck from a rabbit's foot or a horseshoe, but the first thing that I think of when it comes to plants that put a little extra luck in your life is a clover, specifically a four-leaf … [Continue reading]

10 Plants That Grow on Rocks


Rock gardens are one of the most unique types of gardens that you can have, but with proper care for the plants that grow in the garden, you can have a beautiful place where plants can flourish. For this to occur, you are going to need to have plants … [Continue reading]