Learn How to Create a Summer Hanging Basket


Hanging baskets make a wonderful complement to your patio, balcony or exterior walls. This short, informative video by Dobbies Garden Centres provides a great tutorial on how to create a beautiful summer hanging basket that will spruce up your outdoor space. After detailing the supplies you’ll need, the video then explains how to plant a […]

Learn How to Make this Spring Fairy Garden


If you’re looking for a little bit of color around your home, consider making a spring fairy garden with tips from Garden Answer’s. You want to begin with a large basket. It’s best if you can use a cement basket or one that isn’t made of plastic so that it will support the number of […]

Learn How to Plant Succulents on Driftwood Without Using Soil


In this video provided by Garden Answer, we will learn how to plant succulents on driftwood without the use of soil. Simply gather your piece of driftwood, some sphagnum moss, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors, and an assortment of succulent clippings to be on your way to creating a beautiful succulent arrangement. […]

Spring Container Tips


In this video, Laura from Garden Answer gives a few tips on some pretty spring containers. This is a good way to empty the pots that have winter flowers in them so that you have a pop of color in the yard for spring. When you begin putting the plants in the containers, choose colors […]

How To Make A Winter Window Basket


This video, courtesy of Garden Answer, shows how to spice up your window baskets that are now empty for the winter. Using things that are readily available, and that you likely have in your own yard or nearby, you can make a beautiful window display to enjoy throughout the cold months. This video will show […]

DIY a Beautiful Winter Container Display [VIDEO]


Creating a winter container display is easy following the steps outlined by Garden Answer in this short video. Using cuttings from trees, shrubs and holly bushes, arrange a colorful seasonal display that requires no watering or sunshine. Even the dirt from last summer’s container garden is used to hold the cuttings in place. Any container, […]

Tips for Starting a Winter Container Garden [VIDEO]


In this video brought to us by eHow Garden, host and Master Gardener Hans Langeveld shares with us his tips and techniques for successfully starting a winter container garden. There are many plants that do very well when started in containers such as flowers, vegetables, cacti and small trees. Container gardens also reduce damage from […]

10 Fabulous Wintery Container Garden Ideas


Winter is here, and that usually means that those of us with a green thumb are stuck trying to find ways to stay busy while the ground is frozen. Never fear! Container gardening and creating beautiful, colorful displays don’t have to take a backseat when it’s cold out. We’ve assembled some really fantastic winter-themed displays […]

Learn How to Plant Tulip Bulbs in Containers


Planting bulbs in your garden can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner gardener. Growing bulbs like tulips in a container is fool-proof and a great way to get a head start to adding some color to your spring landscape. This video, courtesy of ehowhome, shows you how easy and fulfilling it […]

Learn How to Make this Fall Fairy Garden Container


Who doesn’t love a fairy garden? In this video, courtesy of Garden Answer, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to make an Autumn fairy garden of your very own. Use a wide potting bowl or any interesting piece that you can fill with potting soil and plants. Just make sure you have plenty of […]

Transform an Old Tire into A Lovely Flower Planter


This video, courtesy of Sonia Trott, shows you how to convert an old tire into a garden pot. The video outlines the materials you will need to accomplish this task with ease. Planters can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to a couple of hundred dollars, especially larger planters. Because of these costs, using […]

14 Sensational Tricycle Planter Ideas


If you’re a regular reader, you know about our undying affection for quirky, unique, and upcycled planter ideas. We get pretty excited about the process of turning old, strange objects into original container gardens. There’s often nothing more satisfying than turning an unused antique into a work of art that also happens to house your […]

How to Create a Stunning Succulent Fountain Arrangement


In this video, Laura LeBoutillier from Garden Answer demonstrates how to create a stunning succulent fountain arrangement. She outlines all of the necessary supplies to make the fountain – including a wide container, a plastic bowl, a pump with tubing, a metal mesh cover, an urn, soil, rocks, and, of course, water. Once all of […]

21 Varied Ideas To Inspire Your New Container Garden


We love container gardening! Large, traditional planting beds and gardens need to be plotted with care, since each plant needs the right combination of moisture and sunshine throughout the day. Certain plants need to be cut back in the winter months, while others need to be re-planted each spring. But container gardens are a whole […]

Tips for Designing a Stunning Container Garden


This video, from Lowe’s Home Improvement, gives you a crash course in designing and creating a stunning container garden. The key to a foolproof, easy, and beautiful container garden is their three point method, using the thriller, the filler, and the spiller. The thriller is a knockout, dramatic plant, placed in the center. It may […]