Inspiring Ideas for Arranging Succulents (VIDEO)


This video, courtesy of Garden Answer, offers inspiring ideas for arranging succulents. The video highlights Mojave Fuschia and Mojave Tangerine Portulaca from Proven Winters’ 2016 collection. This video will show you a variety of succulent species to consider for your own arrangements and demonstrate how to remove succulents from their packing and arrange them in […]

Tips on Choosing Fall Flowers for Containers & Window Boxes


Loews Home Improvement offers this video demonstration on creating fall containers or window boxes that will last until the hard frosts begin. The video also includes helpful, general tips on container gardening. For example, the soil from your garden is too heavy for window boxes and container gardens — always use potting soil. Because pansies […]

Container Gardening: Clever Tips on Planting Bulbs [VIDEO]


In this video from Gardenieres, Teena Spindler demonstrates her method for planting multiple layers of fall bulbs in a beautiful ornamental pot. She starts by layering three inches of soil in the bottom of the pot and chooses Dutch iris, daffodil and freesia bulbs for planting. Flower bulbs should be planted approximately two times as […]

27 Inspiring Flower Planters and Pots


Container gardening is a great way to include plants in a space where there is no room for ground planting or if you just want to add more plant space to a garden. Containers can be conventional, like flower pots and planters, or it can be something completely unexpected, like a toilet bowl! Regardless of your […]

Clever Tips on How To Design Indoor Containers


Displaying potted plants indoors adds life and color to any room. In this video tutorial, Teena Spindler demonstrates how to create your own potted indoor arrangements. Aesthetically pleasing gardens include all shapes and sizes of plants. A pot is a mini garden in a sense, so using plants that have different appearances yields the best […]

Really Simple Shade-Loving Planter


Many of us fill our garden pots with sun-loving flowers and plants, but sometimes we tend to ignore those flowers that simply cannot take the direct sun and heat. There’s no reason not to fill your favorite patio pots with these shade-lovers, and once you watch the accompanying video about the Simple Shade Planter, you’ll […]

Make a Beautiful Rock-Water Fountain Planter (VIDEO)


Learn how to create a beautiful rock-water planter in this video, courtesy of “Garden Answer“. By the end of the video, you’ll know which type of rocks and plants to use in order to get the feel you want the planter to have as well as how to maintain aesthetics. In theory, something like this […]

Turn an Antique Wooden Bowl into a Beautiful Succulent Planter


Garden Answer creates a beautiful succulent arrangement step by step in this video. For the base of the arrangement she uses an antique dough bowl that she lines with a plastic liner to protect the wooden bowl. She then adds potting soil and begins to arrange plants. It is amazing to see it come together […]

Learn How to Make Your Own Fall Planter (VIDEO)


This video from Garden Answer will teach you how to make a seasonal planter for fall. In the beginning of the video, Laura gives us an insider tip when making potted garden arrangements. In any large planter, she explains, you need a “thriller, filler, and spiller.” The “thriller” is the focal point of your planter, […]

11 Innovative & Fun Indoor Planter Ideas


If you’re here reading this, you likely love gardening as much as we do. We know, however, that not everyone has the outdoor space to create a proper garden, so we wanted to focus on solutions to allow these folks to enjoy getting their green thumb dirty without having to move. The first and most obvious solution […]

16 Unique Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Planter Ideas


Plants are a great addition to any space, indoor or outdoor. They brighten our moods, filter our air, and some add a fantastic fragrance. We keep terrariums indoors, herb gardens, and small containers filled with plants, especially if we can’t create a garden outdoors due to lack of space. And if you can’t create a […]

Tips on How to Plant a Succulent Container Garden


Succulent container gardens have become increasingly popular and are a great way to add some beauty to any home, office, or patio. Malinee Romero works at The Cactus Center, a specialty plant nursery in Pasadena, California, that houses and sells plants from all over the world. In the following video, she teaches her audience how […]

Brilliant Way to Grow 53 Plants in 4 Square Feet


This video by details how you can grow organic vegetables for your family from your very own backyard or patio! The Garden Tower Project design used here is more intelligent than most in that it is capable of producing compost by way of a long, center tube and allows for water recollection from the […]

Container Gardening Tips by The Lawn Care Nut


In this video from Lawn and Garden video blogger The Lawn Care Nut, we learn the basics of caring for and arranging potted plants. The video covers the topics of soil and drainage for potted flowers, fundamentals of flower arrangements, and how to prepare plants for potting. The Lawn Care Nut will teach you how to arrange […]

15 Of Our Favorite Flower Pot Decoration Ideas


Flower pots are probably the most common object found in a garden. Every gardener has used them at some point, and at the very least we can appreciate how useful these little plant holders can be! They allow for flowers or choice plants to be easily moved around, and can also make taking care of […]