Easy Way to Build a Garden Cold Frame [VIDEO]


In this video, presented by Mark Powers of “This Old House,” educates crafty gardeners about each of the steps involved in making a “cold frame” extension to their greenhouses. All that is required to craft the cold frame is rot-resistant lumber, a salvaged window, screws, screw hinges, construction adhesive, a garden rake, a few dowel […]

Instructions on How to Make a Winter Wreath [VIDEO]


One of the best parts of winter is the decorating. Seasonal decorations spread holiday cheer and make your home seem cozier during the colder months. Wreaths are one of the most universal winter decorations, and making a winter wreath is actually easier and more enjoyable than many people may think. It’s easy to buy a […]

How to Make A Winter Wreath [Step-by-Step Instructions]


Around this time of year, no front door or picture window is complete without a wreath. In this video, courtesy of Garden Answer, you will have step-by-step guidance on how to make a beautiful, full winter wreath. The steps are simple and the outcome is gorgeous. You will only need a few materials to make […]

15 Easy DIY Greenhouses For Your Backyard


With winter blanketing much of the northern hemisphere in a layer of frost and snow, you’d think that it’s an impossible time to garden for anyone without a professionally built, fully equipped greenhouse. It would seem that the average home gardener would be in hibernation until spring comes. The truth, however, is a pleasant surprise. When we discovered […]

Starting a Worm Farm for the Best Compost


In this video, shared by Better Homes and Gardens, Graham Ross shares three gardening shortcuts to implement during the winter months. Since cold weather is typically less hectic for gardeners, it is the perfect time to start a worm farm. Most home and garden centers sell kits that make it easy to set up at […]

DIY Tutorial: Easily Create Your own Fairy Garden


Combine the joy of gardening with the fun of letting your imagination run free by creating your own fairy garden. Watch this video, courtesy of TracEy Monster, to learn the art of making one of these delightful little gardens. A fairy garden is a tiny space filled with flowers, plants and decorative accessories arranged to […]

DIY Instructions: Learn How To Build A Raised Garden Bed


Building a raised garden bed is a straightforward landscaping project requiring just a few hours work. You can complete it in a single weekend.. Raised garden beds keep soil in place, and they an attractive addition to your yard. The accompanying video, courtesy of Lowe’s, provides detailed instructions from start to finish. The video starts […]

Learn How to Make a Succulent Pumpkin Basket


Fall is a great time to get creative with flower and plant arrangements. In this video, you can see an example of how to make a gorgeous succulent arrangement within a pumpkin basket that will last all autumn long. Materials needed include a pumpkin basket, a plastic bag, potting soil, and an assortment of different […]

5 Tips For New Gardeners


If you’re a beginning gardener, this P. Allen Smith video will help you succeed on your journey to a beautiful green plot. Check out these 5 easy tips: 1. Try a Minimal Garden Containers and raised gardens have high rates of success for emerging growers. Invest in a good pre-mixed base for your fail-proof soil. […]

Did you know that Diapers Can Help Your Plants Grow?


Narrator Grant “The King of Random” Thompson goes through a step-by-step breakdown of how you can take some mundane diapers and convert them into water-storing gel that your plants will love, poses no harm to the environment and keeps your plants consistently hydrated; freeing up time that you might otherwise spend watering plants. Thompson’s recipe […]

How to Build an Adirondack Chair (VIDEO)


If you have always wanted to build a Adirondack chair but are afraid it will be too difficult or involved, look no further than this video provided by Lowe’s Home Improvement. This video gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build a stylish and comfortable Adirondack chair that you can feature in your outdoor space […]

Learn How to Build This Outdoor Planter Bench


In this Lowe’s Home Improvement video, you’ll learn how to simply and quickly build an outdoor planter bench that will add beauty to any patio or garden space. With just a few pieces of wood, some duct work, a few tools and a little creativity you’ll have a gorgeous place to sit among your plants, […]

How to Build a Fence Gutter Garden (VIDEO Tutorial)


In this video, compliments of Lowe’s Home Improvement you will learn how to add a homemade gutter garden to your fence. This type of vertical gardening is wildly popular all over the United States and is the perfect idea for small spaces, apartments with no yard and planting areas with poor soil drainage. You will […]

Fall Patio Decorating Ideas


This video from Lowe’s, shows how to extend your family time outdoors well into the fall season. Outdoor patios can be enhanced with the addition of a pergola. This creates a welcoming area where outdoor lights can be hung to lengthen the shorter fall days. Some outdoor globe lights also double as planters for use […]

How to Make a Layered Sand Succulent Planter


This video, provided by Garden Answer, contains a tutorial on how to grow succulents in a planter filled with attractive layers of decorative sand. A glass planter that holds succulents above several distinct layers of colored sand looks stunning. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to provide the plants with a good growing environment while […]