8 Adorable Teacup Planters


Looking for an incredible indoor or outdoor container gardening solution? Need plants that can do well in small containers or without a lot of work? This collection of teacup planter ideas may be just what you’re looking for. Teacup planters are an interesting type of project, since the types of plants that do well in […]

14 Wonderfully Artistic Hand Painted Flower Pots


You could say that gardening is a very special medium for art. Planting a seed and nurturing it so that it may bloom into something beautiful, is just as artistic as moving a brush across a page, or strumming the strings of a guitar. Art is all about making connections, whether it be with your […]

17 Creative Craft Ideas for Terra Cotta Pots


Terra cotta planters are some of the least appreciated planters in the gardening world. These planters tend to be heavy, are a little fragile, and come in a single color–orange. Much of the time, these planters are overlooked in favor of plastic or ceramic planters, which tend to be much more attractive when bought off […]