10 Bamboo Landscaping Ideas


Bamboo is an exotic plant that can be seen in many gardens. They are extremely durable plants that you can see as hedges and other barriers within a garden. Most varieties grow to be extremely tall, and even though they can be trimmed from the top, most grow to be well above three feet in […]

15 Stylish Landscape Lighting Ideas


Your outdoor lighting is an important aspect of your garden décor. It can highlight aspects of the garden that you want to be seen, create an atmosphere that you want to have noticed in your garden parties, or simply provide safe passage across your yard. This gallery is designed to help you consider the different […]

15 Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards


When you own a house, you want to have a beautiful landscape in the front of your home that your neighbors will envy. Having a drab front yard that is lacking grass and character will create an uninviting walkway for your visitors as well as lower the curb appeal of your home in general. This […]

20 Gardens Exploding With Color


Have you ever wanted to have your very own garden just brimming with beautiful colors? There may seem like there’s a lot to it, but it really isn’t that difficult with proper planning and a solid idea of what sort of aesthetic you’d like for your garden. Gardens can be personal and private, or they […]

15 Unique Garden Water Fountain Design Ideas


After purchasing that dream home, every homeowner wants to decorate their new investment. This often includes lavishly decorated tree houses, beautifully grown gardens, and ornately built water fountains. Every homeowner should add a fountain to their garden according to three important classifications, which are style, function, and size. Select a fountain based on the overall […]

15 Garden Path Ideas With Stepping Stones


Creating a garden path out of stepping stones is a way to truly create a look of your own. In this article you will see 15 different ideas that could make your garden path really stand out. Each of them is different, and different design ideas will appeal to each individual differently. Some will prefer […]

15 Raised Wooden Garden Bed Designs


There are many great reasons to consider a raised garden bed in your yard or even on your patio. The raised design lowers rates of compaction and increases drainage. This means that root vegetables have plenty of room to grow downward and your plants are not at as much risk of being flooded during heavy […]

10 Plants for Privacy and Beauty

Clematis Vine

If you’re the homeowner that desires a little isolation on your homestead, and a fast-growing natural greenery screen that offers privacy, you can make it happen with some right choices. Knowing exactly what you want when you shop at the garden center speeds up the process. Which plants grow fast and what are their natural […]

(Garden Ideas) Take a Tour of Graham’s Beautiful Garden


In this video, Better Homes and Gardens host Graham Ross takes us on a tour of a spectacular NSW Central Coast garden that utilizes the most unusual of spaces. The homeowner and creator of this garden has used a variety of colorful plants and succulents to bring forth a garden that is both beautiful and […]

Over 300 of Our Best Gardening Ideas


Below is a roundup of the Best Gardening Ideas we found! There are over 300 different photos and ideas included! Please be sure to bookmark this page to get inspiration and brilliant gardening ideas you can try in your own gardens! Please LIKE and Share this Post! 15 Fence Planters That’ll Have You Loving Your Privacy […]

22 Fabulous and Welcoming Front Porch Garden Ideas


The front entrance is an important part of your home’s curb appeal. Regardless of the architectural style of your home, you can create a welcoming atmosphere with the right combination of landscaping and container gardening. Of course, having the right furniture and accessories is another way to ensure that your front porch is as welcoming […]

10 Garden Design Ideas To Set Your Garden Apart


We are constantly looking for ways to help people improve their gardens. A healthy garden leads to a healthy life, and we believe that if you can learn to put sufficient effort into your hobbies and “for fun” activities, then you will be training yourself to handle those everyday tasks that seem dull and grueling […]

14 Rustic Garden Wagon Ideas For A Country Garden


We love garden ideas that repurpose vintage items as decor, and that’s the focus of this gallery! If your style is rustic or country, you may decide you’d like a few statement pieces to add to your garden. Regardless of whether your garden is large or small, you’re sure to find a great statement piece […]

15 Gorgeous Photos Taken In Butterfly Gardens


Butterfly gardens are created for the sole purpose of attracting and feeding butterflies. Often times you can find large enclosed butterfly gardens at zoos and public gardens but that doesn’t mean that without a little bit of research you can’t create a garden designed to bring gorgeous butterflies to your own garden. With a little […]

Front Yard landscaping Ideas [Video]


Better Homes and Gardens has always been known as an arbiter of interior and exterior decorations. This video showcases the use of colorful flowers along the perimeters of a house, sidewalk and fencing. For an eye-catching summer yard, nothing beats the bright, contrasting color of flowers. The beauty of a rustic or white picket fence […]