18 Top Houseplants for Beginners (Easy to Grow)


Having trouble finding easy to grow plants? Check out our guide for 18 perfect plants for a beginner to grow in their home. Not everyone has a green thumb right away. Gardening takes a bit of practice to perfect and keep your plants alive, so if you are inexperienced, you may not want to start […]

10 Plants That Can Help You Fall Asleep at Night


Do you have difficulties falling to sleep at night? Insomnia that keeps you awake for hours at a time is not fun. Some nights you might toss and turn endlessly, and when you wake up, you feel even more tired than you did when you went to sleep. Some people take medication to help them […]

10 Beautiful and Exotic Succulent Plants For The Home


There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning and enjoying a warm cup of coffee while watching the sun rise over the treetops. Adding a small plant in a clay pot to the windowsill makes this experience all the more beautiful and serene. More often than not, a little goes a long way. Which […]

Tips for Growing Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Cactus

Thanksgiving cactus

Holiday cactuses are not the spiny plants that we have in our cactus garden. These cactus plants are epiphytes that originate from the tropical treetops of the rainforests and natural forests of Brazil. These cactuses produce beautiful blooms that vary in color from bright orange, red, and purple to more subtle pink and white colorations. […]

10 Popular Christmas Houseplants

christmas cactus

Winter is a time when a lot of the color of the outdoor world has faded away. The leaves have fallen and white snow and grey skies are becoming more frequent. Winter is also a time of happiness and cheer; a time that you spend with your loved ones. Having festive plants in your home […]

15 Beautiful and Fragrant Houseplants


Decorating your home with plants and flowers is a wonderful thing. Incorporating the beauty of nature into your space will always bring a sense of accomplishment, especially when you take care of the plants that you choose to grow. There are endless options when it comes to choosing what kind of flowers you want to […]

23 Easy Plants you Can Grow at Home


We spend a lot of time talking about how to shape, frame, and enhance our gardens, but what about the plants themselves? It seems that we take it for granted that every reader has a green thumb, but we don’t want to leave out some good old fashioned essential information. With that in mind, let’s […]