20 Inspirational Garden Flower Photos


While we write about many different types of gardens and DIY projects for backyards of all types, we like to sometimes take a step back and appreciate what’s at the very center of this shared love of ours: the flowers. No matter what you plan on doing with your garden, how you want to shape […]

Tips on Planning and Growing Shade Plants


In this informative video, courtesy of Gardenieres, Jim Cunneen explains the three sun zones you should identify to choose the best plant materials for landscaping your yard. Your garden will thrive if you carefully choose the best planting locations based on these three sun zones. Full sun is the zone where plants will receive six […]

22 Appealing Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Designs


Curb appeal is an important part of home ownership, and a large part of that curb appeal is based on the landscaping visible from the street. While many of us love to garden, weed, water, and care for our plants, many homeowners may not have the time, energy, or inclination to spend their summers outside, […]

Cottage Garden Style Design


This beautifully-crafted video is about one of the most popular types of home garden…the Cottage Garden Style. Displayed in this short-video are some ways people who love to garden may organize their gardens in an elegant, delightfully-charming way that flows harmoniously with nature. Some essential elements often found in some of the best of home […]

Spectacular Garden Water Wall Ideas


We all love the idea of spicing up our gardens and yards with something beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s a spectacular planter or a stand-out sculpture, the idea of something above and beyond beautiful plant life stirs the imagination. With that in mind, we’d like to explore the world of water walls. These unique water […]

Beautiful White Fence Landscaping Ideas

Garden Fence Pink Roses Sage Speedwell Catmint

The white picket fence is one of the most indelible pieces of garden imagery of modern times. It’s a truly versatile, universal signifier of a well-kept landscape that appears on countless lawns and gardens around the world. The pristine white tones contrast perfectly with earthy greens and bold colors, making for a match made in heaven […]