20 Solar Water Fountain Ideas For Your Garden


A water fountain is one of the most fascinating and pleasant additions you could make to any garden. Any moving water feature brings so much enjoyment: the sound is meditative, the sight is beautiful, and the possibilities are endless. With the modern convenience of solar panel power, you can place a fountain virtually anywhere in your yard […]

20 Hammock “Hang-out” Ideas for Your Backyard


Our gardens and backyards are there for us to feel comfortable in, and for relaxation. While a nice patio with a table and chairs can be sufficient, sometimes a little spot to really lay back and take in the open air is necessary. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being rocked to sleep by the natural […]

15 Creative Cinder Block Raised Garden Beds


Cinder blocks are a common item that you see, but they often do not have much use other than creating a wall. Well, have you ever considered using cinderblocks as accent pieces in your garden? You can create walls, planting pots, and other highlights in your garden by reinventing the usefulness of a cinder block. […]

DIY Greenhouse Construction [VIDEO]


A greenhouse is an excellent way to grow a variety of plants, keeping them protected from extreme heat, cold, or other unpredictable weather. Greenhouses also shield your plants from bugs and other pests, and can be a picturesque addition to your property. Unfortunately, most people do not already have a greenhouse built in their backyard. […]

Growing Food In The Winter With This Simple Backyard Greenhouse


In this video, narrated by successful gardener Margaret Park, you will learn the secret to creating a wonderful and space-conscious greenhouse that grow a variety of earthy edibles. With some careful planning, plenty of 3/4″ PVC pipes, plastic sheeting, clips to attach the sheeting to the pipes and any number of crops appropriate to the […]

Great Tips on Building a Cold Frame


If snow is covering your roads, and you long for a fresh salad, then it’s time for you to take action. “My Mom’s Awesome Cold Frame“ is a video that inspires and helps you construct your own easy cold frame. Don’t just dream of fresh greens when you can build your own weather-protected enclosure. Recycle […]

20 Gorgeous Gazebo Designs


When it comes to elaborate garden structures, one of the most complex but useful examples is the venerable gazebo. There is no other outdoor home structures that add so much beauty and functionality in a single package, and we’re excited to see the possibilities they present. With a nice gazebo in your yard or garden, you’ll be […]

24 Incredible and Varied Garden Bridge Designs


We love great garden designs, and that includes larger garden structures like bridges, trellises, and even gazebos! This gallery features some really incredible wooden and stone bridges in many different styles. Most bridges expand over a small creek or river, while others are a more decorative element in a Zen garden. Creeks and ponds are […]

11 Gorgeous Garden Pergolas For Inspiration


Gazebos are a very popular option, but it can be really difficult to find the perfect spot for one. Instead, opt for a pergola, which can be worked into existing garden paths, over an existing sunny patio, or in many other areas of your garden. Whether you prefer a more rustic design, an elegant traditional […]

15 Fire Pit Ideas to Light Your Flame


Fire pits are a time-honored summertime place for bonfires and other parties. They do, of course, come in many shapes, sizes, and are made out of different materials. From stone creations to custom-cut wrought iron silhouetted scenes, each one of the fire pits we’ve collected is unique and perfectly suited to a different style. Fire […]

11 Amazing Water Fountains Made From Planters


There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on your patio and hearing the soft trickle of water down a surface and into a reservoir below. Water features, including ponds, waterfalls, and especially fountains, are a great way to add a luxurious atmosphere to your patio or garden. They not only provide a great visual accent piece […]

20 Garden Bird Bath Ideas to Keep Your Feathered Friends Singing


A bird bath does not just have to be a little place for cardinals and blue-jays to wash up, it can also serve as a fantastic addition to your garden, visually and aesthetically. It shows that your garden is more than just a place for you to plant flowers, it is a safe haven for birds and […]

10 Charming DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas


Outdoor storage, it seems like it is always an issue. Storage in general seems like it is always an issue. Either there is never enough of it or there is no good way to store your tools, cushions, outdoor cookware, pink lawn flamingoes, etc. It is an ongoing problem with hundreds of solutions, but how do […]

10 Floral Garden Gates In Bold Color


Gates are an important feature of a garden–particularly if you enjoy your privacy, or if you have a fence. Regardless of whether your gate is in the front yard, backyard, or even leads to another part of a massive ornamental garden, as the incredible wrought iron and stone gate above does, adding flowers to the […]

25 Garden Birdhouses To Tweet About


Birdhouses are a great addition to any garden or backyard! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many large trees in your garden, you too can add a beautiful or creative birdhouse to your display. One of the best parts of a birdhouse is that you can pretty much design them however you like (or […]