Garden Lovers Club Member’s Garden Gallery

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In this week’s Member’s Garden Gallery we have a variety of beautiful flowers and gardens.

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From Donna Lippeet – “Finding more beauty each spring!!”



From Beatrix Glasgow “Back Garden”



From Edie “I found an old hospital nursery bed and stand at garage sale and turned it into an herb garden…love it!”



From Beady Printy – “i purchased a 8″ pot of Tropicana”s in 2013, this is their progress.”



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From Kathe Harlow – “Few pictures of our annual z|Zinnia”s in my garden. This is a tradition in our family, each year we plant a mixed verity of Zinnia”s. Summer time they remain hardy and full blooms, color.   In the fall we enjoy the butterfly”s and hummingbirds these little beauties attract!”


From Josephine Alexander – “Our pond in July. This year it was three years old.  We did not dig the hole for the pond, but we did all the planting and arrangement of garden decor. This is my favorite pathway to walk.”


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