25 Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas for Your Garden

Did you know that any old wheelbarrow can become a spectacular new planter for your garden? With a little bit of effort and style, you can create your own unique design!

Old and retired gardening gear makes for a great addition to the garden itself. For an easily planted, whimsical landscaping idea, you can roll an old wheelbarrow into any open space in the garden, planting it with a beautiful collection of flowers.

Add a wheelbarrow planter to your garden and create an old-fashioned look to your backyard and home.


The portable nature of this type of planter means that you can move it for special occasions like garden parties, or simply reset your garden’s focal point on a whim. With a broad base offering plenty of planting space, you can easily rearrange the look of your garden once the centerpiece is on wheels!

One tip we’ve picked up is to line metal wheelbarrow vessels with some heavy duty plastic. This will keep it from degrading further and rusting into the soil. If you notice any holes, pull the plastic through and snip it to allow for drainage. Once you’ve filled the wheelbarrow with soil, let your imagination run away with planting ideas!

wheelbarrow planter 07

Here we have a wheelbarrow stuffed with succulents, leaving plenty of space for growth. With the dusty surroundings and rustic, well-used wheelbarrow, this desert setting looks right at home.

wheelbarrow planter 05

Using a brand new, colorful wheelbarrow with a plastic bin, this setup involves a large box planter, plus space around the edges for tools. This idea allows for continued usability for the wheelbarrow, as well as portability for the flowers.

wheelbarrow planter 06

This idea showcases another brand new wheelbarrow in use, with a subtle grey plastic vessel. The flowers are packed in tightly for a seamless look.

wheelbarrow planter 04

Here we see another brightly colored wheelbarrow in use. The yellow paint helps it stand out, holding subtle greenery.

wheelbarrow planter 03

This modern aluminum wheelbarrow is placed elegantly on a tile path next to the lawn, filled with thick greenery and purple flowers, with a small gnome popping out.

wheelbarrow planter 02

This old rusted wheelbarrow is the perfect example of reusing old gardening hardware as completely as possible. A heady mixture of colors spills down every side, blooming tall over the vessel.

wheelbarrow planter 01

Here’s another rusty wheelbarrow, with worn wooden handles that complement its lush green surroundings. Brightly hued pink and orange flowers sprout from the vessel in contrast.

wheelbarrow planter 10

This wheelbarrow holds a green bin over elegantly rusted frame, set against a fence. Large succulent plants fill the space, peeking over the tall rim like a small forest.

wheelbarrow planter 11

This extremely old wheelbarrow even sports a metal wheel with no tread! Practically merging with the ground, it’s filled with bright flowers and lush greenery, spilling to the grass.

wheelbarrow planter 12

Here’s another old fashioned wheelbarrow with a metal wheel and completely rust-coated frame. Bright yellow daffodils stand beside in a large wicker planter, while more of the flowers fill the entirety of the wheelbarrow.

wheelbarrow planter 13

This colorful old fashioned model stands freshly repainted in red and yellow, playing host to rows of multicolored pansies.

wheelbarrow planter 15

This green painted wheelbarrow is almost stealth-like, blending into its grassy surroundings. Buried under a wash of white hanging flowers, it’s the perfect complement to this yard.

wheelbarrow wooden 01

Here’s another old fashioned wheelbarrow, entirely built in wood! This design is perfect for those who would like to stain the wood, creating a rich look in the garden. Purple and pink flowers pop in contrast above.

fairegarden wheelbarrow 01

This wheelbarrow is deep enough to hold soil for dozens of individual flowers, ripe with greenery and a rainbow of colors. Set into a thick garden, it blends in perfectly.

Source: Faire Garden

yardshare wheelbarrow 01

This wheelbarrow stands next to a massive wagon wheel, echoing the shape of its own singular wheel. Large plants burst out, surrounded in white flowers, contrasting with the rustic and rusty look.

Source: Yard Share

houseplansandmore wheelbarrow 01

Here’s a modern all-wood wheelbarrow, with clean lines and fresh natural wood hues. Bright pink and green colors explode from the container, making this a perfect standalone piece.

Source: House Plans and More

houzz wheelbarrow 01

This dull copper hued wheelbarrow is parked on a stone garden path between rows of greenery and flowers. Stocked with bright magenta bulbs, it sounds out perfectly and unobtrusively.

Source: Houzz

gardeninacity wheelbarrow 01

Here’s a black wheelbarrow, spread over with white and purple flowers. The dark wheelbarrow frame helps the entire piece blend in with the dark hued yard.

Source: Garden Inacity

vintagediana wheelbarrow 01

This truly vintage mini-wheelbarrow features faded green paint and a pair of side wheels. Extra portability allows this idea to thrive on a raised patio, with a bright mixture of flowers complementing.

Source: Vintage Diana

northerntrading wheelbarrow 01

Here’s another adorable modern wood wheelbarrow, this time with a black metal wheel in the traditional fashion. The miniature design is perfect for a small set of flowers, including marigolds, to bloom in portable peace.

Source: Northern Trading

maysdream wheelbarrow 01

This rustic red wheelbarrow in an all-metal frame houses a sprawling collection of succulents and other green plants, spilling over the edges of the wide frame.

Source: Mays Dream Garden

goodshomedesign wheelbarrow 01

This absolutely rustic box-frame wheelbarrow stands next to a deck in faded wood hues and rust, with a naturally spilling set of purple flowers and greenery.

Source: Goods Home Design

goodshomedesign wheelbarrow 02

This is another stunning example of wheelbarrow gardening. The old fashioned wood frame wheelbarrow is absolutely buried under a cloud of red, blue, and green, while standing on a small rock platform amidst the grass.

Source: Goods Home Design

We hope this collection has been inspiring. Using a simple item many of us already have lying around, these images show the surprising variety and beauty that can be achieved. We love many garden-centric recycling ideas, but this is one of our favorites. Both practical and unique, it’s a perfect project to start as we head into spring!