Animal Topiary Coco Planters (2023 Buying Guide)

animal coco planters

What are planter coconut liners?

As the name suggests, planter coconut liners are soft yet durable liners, which are available in a number of sizes and shapes. Coconut liners are quite versatile and can be a good choice for gardeners in a variety of settings. The liners are made of brown coconut coir, which is a substance found in the middle section of a mature coconut’s shell.

What are the benefits of using coconut liners?

  • Holds water well
  • Offers excellent drainage and aeration
  • Antifungal
  • Maintains a neutral pH
  • Contains trace amounts of essential nutrients

The coconut coir that makes up the liners is actually a type of cellulose, and this natural material offers many benefits. The fiber is extremely porous and can soak up and retain a great deal of water. However, due to that same porous nature, the liners also offer excellent aeration and drainage, so plants in the liners are often less susceptible to root rot. Root rot and fungal issues are also lessened when using coconut liners because the coconut coir has natural antifungal properties. In addition, the pH of the coconut coir remains at a steady neutral level, creating a good base for many plants. The coir also contains small amounts of essential nutrients.

Tips for using coconut planters?

Coconut planter liners are designed to be easy to use. Gardeners can select a preformed liner to fit the pot they’re using, or they can opt for a more universal liner that can simply be pressed into shape in the pot or basket.

Coconut liners, despite their excellent water retention abilities, are still prone to drying out in hanging baskets or wherever they’re exposed to the air. Adding perlite, which both increases water retention and aids in drainage, to the soil can help to increase the moisture level in the soil and the liner itself.

Cute Animal Topiary Coco Planters

Below are some of the animal topiary coco planters we have in-stock at Garden Lovers Club Store.

The Cutest Puppy Coco Planter

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For those looking to add a bit of fun and personality to their patio or garden, this dog planter, made of a coconut liner, is a great option. The planter itself offers excellent drainage and provides a balanced pH, creating an excellent medium for flowers, strawberries, or other small plants.

The Cutest Pig Coco Planter

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This adorable pig planter is made of a coconut planter liner so it not only looks cute but also promotes the healthy growth of plants. The planter is the perfect size for herbs or flowers and adds a bit of whimsy to any porch or table.

The Cutest Frog Coco Planter

frog coco planter

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The frog coco liner is one of my favorites! It’s made of a coco liner which will help to prevent fertilizer, soil, and water runoff, while the coco liner technology helps your plants absorb water while allowing for air circulation around the root system. The frog coco planter will hold a variety of different plants.

The Cutest Owl Coco Planter

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The perfect choice for bird lovers or anyone who wants to add a bit of fun to their landscaping, this owl planter is not only attractive but also helps to keep plants moist and healthy. The planter is the perfect size for a front porch or outdoor table.


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