18 Mind-Blowing Bicycle Planter Ideas For Your Garden or On-The-Go

Have an old bicycle laying around? Here are some Bicycle Planter Ideas you can create and add to your yard or garden.

bike planter 4

Vintage bicycles can be transformed into the coolest art, and can dress up your garden. Adding decorative glass to the spokes, or baskets filled with fragrant, brightly colored blooms look great whether they’re in your backyard or are being used for a more commercial purpose, like the bicycle above.

We’ve scoured the Internet to find a wide variety of clever ways to turn an old bicycle into a permanent display, or even to turn your current bike into a rolling garden.

Some of these designs focus on store-bought bicycle-shaped planters, while others are made from vintage bicycles, or even bicycles that children have grown out of. There are many unique designs to choose from.

So whether you choose to DIY a new life for an old favorite bicycle, or purchase a bicycle-shaped planter that’s ready to be filled with your favorite flowers, you’re sure to find a design that piques your interest.

We hope you’ll be inspired to upcycle your old bicycle!

1. Tiny Portable Bike Planters

bike planter 1

Source: Uncommon Goods

These itty-bitty succulents can go with you wherever you go, as they attach to your current bike. This is an unconventional, but great way to personalize your ride. Take your flora-friends on a spin! These miniature planters attach to any portion of your bike, but we’d advise putting them on the frame, where they’ll look great but not get in the way of your exercise. Plus, succulents are one of the sturdiest plants around!

2. Floral Bicyclists

bike planter 2

If you have a really green thumb, you might try taming a bicycle planter into the shape of a bicyclist. This might take more effort, but the effect is unparalleled. Each section of the humanoid figure is colored by a different flower, including purple for the hair and green for the clothing! The effect is utterly stunning.

3. Wrought Iron Tricycle Three-Tier Planter


Source: Amazon

While this tricycle was never meant to be ridden, it does make for a charming display piece, with three spots for planters of different sizes. The light weight frame also allows you to simple pick up and move the planter, even though the wheels don’t actually turn. The embellished baskets perk up the plain terracotta planters. This tricycle planter is available on Amazon.


4. Glass-Embellished Bike Sign

bike planter 4

Source: Fun Flower Facts

A simple vintage bicycle can be transformed into a work of art just with flowers, but this glass studio took it to the next level by adding glass pieces to the spokes. The baskets are filled with a variety of greenery, including ivy, but also with lightly colored flowers like roses. The taller lavender flowers pull blue from the ombre bike frame.

5. Wrought Iron Bicycle-Shaped Planter

bike planter 5

Source: All Season Cyclist

This full-sized wrought iron planter has two baskets to hold your planters, and a third planter can be set on the bicycle seat. The textured wheel guards add visual interest to the piece, along with the heart-shaped spokes. Magenta petunias and firey yellow-orange flowers on the seat complement the brick facade of the home.

6. Mobile Garden-In-A-Basket

bike planter 6

Source: PhotoBucket

This vintage bike is still in good working order, so you can take the planter in the back for a spin if you so desire. Ivy drapes out of the basket below the bright pink and soft cream flowers, nearly reaching the ground. Against these colors, the metallic blue frame of the bicycle is stunning, as is the contrasting white seat. Wherever you decide to go, the fragrance of your flower display will be right along side you.

7. Red Bicycle Vertical Garden

bike planter 7

Source: Mr. Brown Thumb

This vintage bicycle was given a fresh coat of paint. Bright yellow flowers were planted on the rear wheel. The entire contraption was hung along a set of brick stairs. In this way, the bicycle becomes a vertical garden, utterly unique. Painting the bike a singular color allows the bright yellow flowers to contrast sharply and draw the eye.

8. Bike-Bottom Planters

bike planter 8

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle / Better Homes & Gardens

A set of bicycles are painted white, with the top half removed to make room for two long planter boxes in a dusky blue. As you can see, the bikes don’t necessarily have to match. You can use any bike to create these displays. this unique garden planter can’t be separated, making it a sizable addition to any garden’s design.

9. Five-Planter Wrought Iron Bicycle

bike planter 9

In addition to placing a planter both in front and behind the bike in baskets, a planter is added to the seat, and to both of the pedals. Kickstands on either side of the frame ensure that your display won’t topple over. However, this piece is better on a solid patio, since the feet of the kickstands are narrow enough to push into the soil.

10. Purple Bike with a Basket

bike planter 10

Source: Topca.net

The rear of this bike is inset into the ground to keep it from falling over in the breeze, since it lacks a kick-stand. The enormous basket on the front contains a variety of flowers. The oversized basket is filled with natural, absorbent fibers that will keep the soil from simply falling out from between the wires of the basket. The bold purple paint color makes a bold statement.

11. Urban Overgrown Bike

bike planter 11

Source: By Karra

This abandoned bike was transformed into a living work of art, completely overgrown with moss and crowned with exotic pink blooms. It’s remarkable to see how man-made objects can utterly be taken over by nature, retaining their unique, recognizable shape, but still changing forever. That this piece is located on a busy city street only enhances this quality.

12. Fence-Mounted Rusty Vintage Bike
bike planter 12

Source: Marly’s Garden

This weather-worn bike is attached to the fence and has ivy growing up the sides. On the back is a planter box fashioned from an old crate, while the planter on the front is in an old milk can. Suspending the bicycle from the fence keeps it from tipping over and spilling the delicate flowers. Also of note are the carved fence posts, which add another quirky element to this display.

13. Bicycle With Just Tires Peeping Out

bike planter 13

Source: TISL Style

The flowers in this bike’s planters are growing so wildly, the top half of the bike has almost disappeared, leaving the tires mostly visible. This display is still mobile, so it can easily be moved indoors in the event on inclement weather. The bright flowers and vines make a bold statement by the windows of this shop on a city street.

14. Twisted Bicycle Planter

bike planter 14

Source: Bernard Klevickas

An artist twisted this bike around a pole and attached a single planter to the top, creating a unique work of urban art. The bright red petunias rest inside a metallic bowl that is attached to the frame of the twisted, mangled bicycle frame. The contrast between the delicate flowers and the thick, industrial pole is remarkable.

15. Line of Bikes with Flowers

bike planter 15

Source: Fast Coexist

Each of these bikes has a small plant attached to it, creating a row of lovely displays along this sidewalk. Each bicycle is locked in place by pads attached to the front and rear wheels, ensuring that the display won’t be disrupted by wind or weather.

16. Bike With Children’s Shoes As Planters

bike planter 16

Source: Organized Clutter

In addition to the overflowing bike basket, this adorable planter has tennis shoes turned into planters with colorful socks. It’s almost as though a small invisible child were riding this painted, bright white bike. It’s a great way to make use of a pair of favorite shoes that have been outgrown, along with a pair of socks that might have a hole in them. The lavender flowers have small, numerous blooms.

17. Rusted Mountain Bike with Wooden Planter

bike planter 17

Source: Instructables

An old mountain bike gets new life with a simple rustic wooden planter attached to the front. While this bike might be out of commission, the contrast between the metal frame and wooden planter box ensures that it will continue to have new life grown into it, and even now, makes a great display piece for any backyard garden.

18. Pretty In Pink Bike Planter

bike planter 18

Source: Home Talk

This bike was painted all pink, then fitted with a number of baskets, creating a bold display for a garden or front walkway. The leather bicycle seat is painted with depictions of flowers as well. Pink textured fabrics line the inside of each basket, leaving a line of light brown natural fiber liner visible at the very bottom. This feminine display is a perfect way to transform an old, well-loved bicycle.


Don’t have an old bike laying around that you want to turn into a planter. Amazon has a couple of these already set up as planters. Here a few listed below.


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