15 Fence Planters That’ll Have You Loving Your Privacy Fence Again

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If you’ve got a fenced in yard, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to expand your garden in a truly unique, attractive way. Whether your backyard is compact or expansive, there’s always room to add more beautiful plant life with fence planters!

Fence planters are one of the best ways to efficiently take advantage of your outdoor area, covering normally unused vertical space with the plants and flowers that you love. Instead of a boring fence wrapping your property, you can use planter boxes to add a splash of color and style.

This can be done in a variety of ways, from store-bought planters designed for this purpose to homemade solutions such as up-cycling pallet wood or crates. The possibilities are endless when you get going.

Below we’ve shared some of our very favorite creative fence planters from around the world, including the wildest DIY projects we’ve ever seen. Whether you’re looking for something simple or aiming to put put your personal stamp on your fence, we’ve got you covered.

We hope you find as much inspiration here as we did. Some of these projects are easier to complete than others, but they are all as unique as can be. There’s no more stylish way to expand your garden and save space at the same time!

1. Painted Cans

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Source: Ciera Design

After peeling off the labels and rinsing a used can out, you can paint them vibrant colors and fill them with small flowers. Suspend them from the fence posts to add a pop of color to it. This is a simple DIY that is easy to finish in a single afternoon. Just be sure to drill holes in the bottom of each can for drainage!

2. Old Purses and Beach Bags

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It’s such a shame when your favorite purse goes out of style. If you’d like to empty out your closet, but can’t bear to give them away, try converting them into beautiful, clever planters. The handles make them easy to display! Choose a wide variety of materials, patterns, and styles for the greatest effect!

3. Upcycled Crate Shelves for Container Gardening

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Source: Sunset

Even if you don’t want to sacrifice a favorite purse, you can create simple shelves to house smaller plants in containers. These plants are easy to switch out whenever you so desire. Hang varying sizes and shapes for a more dynamic design. This is an easy project that you can finish in a single afternoon!

4. Hanging Planters

fence planter 4

Source: Heather Serody

A metal hanging basket that’s designed to hang on the side of your home is a perfect way to easily add character to a fence. Try adding multiple kinds to create a collage. Choose different sizes, styles, and materials to achieve the collage effect, in addition to a variety of flowers and greenery.




Here is a great product that you can use to decorate your fence. These are constructed with sturdy steel that will last for years, and the color will enhance your plants. You can get these on Amazon here.


5. Free Standing Crate Planters

Q1 2015 DIY Workshop_Vertical Planter

Source: Chic Little House

Build a free standing wall of crate planters by securing old fruit crates together. These aren’t attached to the fence, but they do look fantastic against the wood backdrop! These planters are deep enough that you could use them to plant vegetables like carrots or potatoes easily.

6. Vertical Succulent and Ivy Wall

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Or, if you prefer, you can completely obscure part of your fence by transforming it into a grid that houses ivy and succulents. This vertical garden is a gorgeous and unique addition to any backyard, although particularly to small yards that can’t have a traditional garden.

7. Hanging Baskets

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Source: Tootsie Time

Hanging baskets aren’t just for your front porch anymore. Install hangers at the top of your fence and hang a row of colorful hanging baskets to brighten up the space. Be sure to pick hanging baskets that will do well in the sun if there’s not much shade by your fence, so your pretty display doesn’t burn up in the summer heat!



Here is a super easy idea for your fence. These metal flower pot containers can be easily hung from any fence. And the come in different colors. You can get this on Amazon here. 

8. Wrought Iron Fence with Built In Baskets

fence planter 8

Source: Texas Eagle Talks

A shallow attached tray is a sturdy way to add color and delicate flowers to an ornate wrought iron fence, without adding anything to take away from the design of the fence. this option is perfect for casual gardeners or those who don’t want to dedicate much time to a DIY project.

9. Shoe Organizer

fence planter 9

Source: Garden Web

Shoe organizers are a great way to add gardening space to a fence. Each individual pocket allows you to nurture a different herb, veggie, or flower. This method is best for vegetable gardens or for herbs. These can also be hung anywhere in your yard, just be sure that you use sturdy posts.

10. Glass Jars

fence planter 11

Source: Wedding Bee

Much like the tin cans, glass food jars can be emptied out, washed, the labels stripped away, and filled with plants. A wire is used to suspend each jar from a nail at the top of a fence post. Make sure you carefully make drainage holes. This is a bit tougher with glass jars, so you’ll need to make sure you have the proper tools.

11. Built-In Shelves and Gutters

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Source: Zillow

An enormously tall privacy fence has built-in shelves that have long gutters attached, creating multiple levels of planters to be filled with draping ivy or other plants. This is a minimalist way to add gardening space to a small yard, or one that is dominated by a large patio or pool complex.

12. Drooping Flower Baskets

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These enormous bundles of flowers are growing down and out, creating a wallpaper of flowers. The variety of species and colors creates an incredible display that you’ll love looking at. Eventually, the fence itself will be completely overgrown with flowers, hiding any eyesore.

13. 2×4 Gutter

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Source: Pinterest

You can create a simple planting bed for shallow-rooted plants by attaching a long board to your fence to create a V-shaped planting bed. This is an excellent way to dress up a plain fence, without breaking your budget or setting into motion an enormous project.

14. Gutters

fence planter 15

Source: Luv Wii

Paint old gutters and attach them to your fence. The shallow planting beds are perfect for succulents and ivy, which will create a cascading effect, much like water. Against a brick fence, this is especially attractive. If you’re feeling creative, try placing your gutters at a slight angle to enhance the cascade.

15. Thin Shelves

fence planter 16Source: Deckheads

Add thin shelves between the slats of a fence with horizontal slats to achieve a container garden that looks as though it is floating. Use matching containers with similar plants to create a mirror-like effect. The horizontal slats of this fence allow light to stream through without exposing your yard to prying neighbor’s eyes.