How Many Plants Should You Plant in a Hanging Basket?

In the video by Garden Answer, you’ll learn how many plants are ideal for placing inside a hanging basket.
hanging-basket-850 For 12-14-inch baskets, you can put anywhere between three to five plants. You want to make sure they are evenly spaced around the basket so that it’s not overcrowded once the plants begin to grow. Five to seven plants can go in a 16-18-inch basket. A deeper basket works well if you are adding several plants. This will give more room for the roots to grow without them becoming tangled.

There are two ways to plant in hanging baskets. You can plant them all over the place, letting the plants cascade over the sides of the basket. Another way is to place the plants in the center of the basket with small plants along the edges. This will give you a beautiful look whether the basket is hanging or even sitting on the ground. When you are looking up under the basket, you can still see the plants when they are growing. When placing the plants, try to add the brightest colors in the center for a focal point with light green colors or white along the edges. Make sure you add plenty of dirt to cover the roots of the plants before hanging the basket.