How to Plant a Succulent Container Garden

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Succulents are popular houseplants that include cacti, jade and other thick-leaved plants that need lots of sunlight but little watering. This video from Home Depot shows you how to make a beautiful container garden with a variety of succulents.

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Garden expert Whitney says that when shopping for succulents, you should choose plants that are symmetrical; this indicates that they are healthy and have been well taken care of. Choose a variety of plants and a container for your garden. In the video, Whitney uses a copper jelly pot as the container. Since it has no drainage holes, it is very important to layer large stones at the bottom for drainage.

Succulents do best in special soil designed for them. You can find cactus soil when you’re shopping for your plants. The video shows how to arrange your plants, starting with the largest ones and then adding the smaller ones. Whitney finishes off the look of the garden with small stones on top of the soil. This is optional and only for visual appeal. You could also use sand for a different look. The final step for your new garden is to fertilize it. Tomato fertilizer is great for succulents, and using it every few months will keep them beautiful and healthy.

Succulents need little watering, so only water every few weeks. Keep your container garden in a bright sunny spot. Because succulents need little care and tolerate dry conditions well, they are great indoor plants that can beautify your home all year long.