DIY Terrarium With Succulents

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This video, by Nicole and Max, gives a great tutorial on how to make a terrarium with easy to follow steps guiding you through the process.

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Starting with your container of choice, such as a glass container, add a layer of rocks and sand to the bottom of your container. This is to allow for proper drainage of the terrarium, and to prevent you from accidentally drowning your succulents.

Next, you add some crushed charcoal on top of the sand. This will help absorb any toxins that may be produced by your plants or are introduced to your terrarium while watering.

Now you can add your potting soil to your terrarium. While ensuring you have left space for your plants, fill your container until it is nearly full. Now is when you decide how you want your succulents arranged. Be sure to plan out your lay out prior to planting. This will ensure that you don’t overcrowd your plants.

Plant your succulents by digging a shallow hole in the potting mix, and placing your plants in the shallow holes you have dug.

Fill in all the space between and around the plants with soil. Again, be sure that you have left plenty of space for your succulents to expand as they grow.

Finally, add some attractive rocks to the bare soil between your succulents in a tasteful manner. With these seven easy steps, you now have a beautiful terrarium to liven up your home or office!