Video Tutorial: Brilliant Container Gardening Tip


Container gardening is an important aspect of any gardener’s life. Whether you live in a place prone to harsh winters or enjoy a perfectly temperate climate year round, it’s important to know how to plant a container garden. They’re portable, beautiful, and can be customized any way you like. You may be keeping a container garden inside your home, outdoors on your patio, or even inside a home greenhouse, but the skills required are all the same.

The best part about mastering the art of container gardening is that you’ll be able to tend to your plants year-round, move them any time you change your mind, and frame them exactly as you please. There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite plant or flower in a pot that you chose, positioned in your favorite spot. There’s also nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself!

This week we’re discussing a great method for properly planting a container garden, courtesy of world-renowned horticulturalist Ian Cooke. The video tutorial at the end of this post will guide you through the entire process for preparing, planting, and maintaining a solid container garden. With just a few simple steps and a steady hand, you’ll be enjoying your own professional-looking container garden in no time! (See Video at the end of this post)

Step 1: Select a large Container

First, you should select a large container in order to hold as much compost as possible.
Image Source : Your Garden Show

Step 2: Submerge into Water

Next, you completely submerge each plant’s roots in a bucket of water in order to fully hydrate the root bulb. Mr. Cooke assures us that this method will revive even the droopiest of plants.


Image Source : Your Garden Show

Step 3: Remove Pots

After each plant is properly hydrated, remove the pots and nestle them into the container (already filled about halfway with compost), ensuring that the top of each pot is level with the top of the container.


Image Source : Your Garden Show

Step 4: Fill With Compost

Fill the voids around the empty pots with more compost, ensuring that you completely cover every side of every pot. However, you do not want to fill the container with compost all the way to the top. Leave a little space so that the water can fully penetrate down to the roots. Shake the pot to settle the compost.


Step 5: Rotate Each Pot

Finally, gently rotate each pot as you remove it and plant your intended plant in the vacant space.


Image Source : Your Garden Show

And there you have it- a method for quick container gardening, courtesy of Ian Cooke.

Watch the entire video tutorial below for a detailed explanation.