DIY a Beautiful Winter Container Display [VIDEO]

Creating a winter container display is easy following the steps outlined by Garden Answer in this short video.
Using cuttings from trees, shrubs and holly bushes, arrange a colorful seasonal display that requires no watering or sunshine. Even the dirt from last summer’s container garden is used to hold the cuttings in place. Any container, large or small, will make a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Notice the use of alternating heights of the materials. This creates visual appeal and interest for stunning displays. Start with the tall twigs, followed by the different types and textures of shrubs. (Red Twig Dogwood provides great color as a center. Various shades of green from pines, shrubs or grasses provide interest. Intersperse with holly berry branches or any colorful winter bud.

If creating winter gardens is something you would like to attempt, consider planting the plants and trees now so you will have plenty of cuttings available come winter. It is so gratifying to create a beautiful winter garden using your own cuttings. Give it a try!