DIY: Build a Steel & Stone Fire Pit [VIDEO]

In this video, we will learn how to create a fire pit using steel and stone.

The fire pit is easy to build, and anybody can create one with the help of this video.

First, you will want to get a 4-by-8 foot sheet of 16 gauge steel and have it cut into four 12 inch strips by the supplier. This process should not cost you more than a few dollars.

Next, cut a 51 inch piece from one of the strips. At the end of each strip drill three holes where bolts will be attached. Attach the 51 inch piece to one of the eight foot pieces with nuts and bolts. When they are connected, they should make an even circle of 144 inches. This forms the outer circle.

Pre-bend the ends of the remaining strip to make the two ends easier to connect. When the two ends are connected with nuts and bolts, you will have the inner circle of the fire pit.

You will then want to find the circumference and diameter of each of the circles. Take the difference of the two diameters and divide them by two. This will give you the size of the spacers that will be placed between the circles. Placing spacers allows for the circles to be more perfect.

Now place the pit level where you want it to sit, and fill in the space between the two circles with dirt or sand. You can also fit larger stones at the top of the dirt or sand for decoration. Re-sand the top two or three times after the stones are placed.

Now you are ready for a fire!