Simple Tips For Growing Potatoes Anywhere

If you’re a huge fan of potatoes and you’re running low, P. Allen Smith offers a few suggestions.

Use a few of the potatoes from a sack as the starter crop of your own potato patch. While you can use seed potatoes purchased from a farming supply store; you may also want to let some of your store-bought spuds sprout eyes though many grocery store potatoes are treated with growth retardant chemicals.

Once your potatoes start sprouting eyes, you can cut them up with the eyes attached. Cutting up your potatoes ensures that you avoid crowding your field and will foster the growth of more potatoes over the same amount of time. Note that if you have especially small potatoes, you may be better off just planting them whole instead of cutting them up into eyed fragments. Also be mindful of any rotten spots; these should be cut away so that the untainted portions can contribute toward the harvest of another generation of potatoes.

It is important to note that you can’t just plant your taters as soon as you’ve chopped them up; you will want to let them dry out by placing the pale starchy portions facing the sun for a solid 24 hours. While you can grow potatoes anywhere, they are not a year-round crop; potatoes favor cool temperatures so it is best to start your crop by mid-February. Each of your “starter” potatoes should be planted two feet apart and can be harvested within 14 to 21 days.