Fall Décor: 3 Fabulous Front Porch DIY’s


Fall is finally upon on us, which means it’s time to spruce things up a bit around your home. For many, autumn is a favorite season. After all, it provides relief from the smoldering summer heat and signals the beginning of football. There’s no doubt that it is the coziest time of the year. There are falling leaves, knitted sweaters, and of course, hardy homemade meals.

Why not set the autumnal mood for your family and friends with décor that greets them right at the front door? In this video, FABLife talk show host and crafty mom, Leah Ashley, introduces us to three simple ways we can decorate our front porches without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Festive Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkins become a fact of life starting at the end of September. They find their way into your pastries and coffee, and they complete any fall display. While the age old Jack-O-Lantern reigns supreme on your neighbor’s front porch, they tend to make a mess as they decay. These pumpkin planters are an easy solution to the rotting problem. Leah demonstrates how easy it is to cut a hole in the top of plastic pumpkins and set fresh flowers inside, creating a beautiful natural effect. If you’re lacking in the “green thumb” department, you can always use fake flowers as a substitute.

Customizable Autumn Wreath

Wreaths are both timeless and fun. You can incorporate just about anything you’d like, making it your very own unique creation. Crafting it yourself also saves you tons of money, which is always appreciated. In the video, Leah uses a straw wreath base that she bought for under 5 bucks. She then attaches sunflowers and wheat, creating a dramatic piece to hang on her front door. If you’re the outdoorsy type, consider scavenging for dried leaves, pinecones, and even acorns to glue onto your wreath.

Simple Stenciled Doormat

Here’s a simple DIY that really brings your fall display together. All you need is a blank doormat, spray paint, and a homemade stencil. Stencils are fantastic because they make it easy to achieve a pristine design without having the hands of a skilled artist. Getting into the Halloween spirit, Leah paints a skull and crossbones on her mat in seemingly no time at all. You can paint whatever you’d like including a fall leaf, pumpkin, or even a spooky message.

For more cool ideas like these, be sure to check out Leah’s incredible YouTube channel titled “Living With Leah.” There you will discover all sorts of handy ways to celebrate life and make the process a tad bit easier.