18 Dazzling Mirror Ideas for Your Garden

If you have any mirrors that you're not using any longer why not add them to your garden or backyard. These mirror ideas for your garden will surprise you.


Looking to expand a small garden space or patio? Trying to figure out a way to dress up a boring fence or shed wall without having to put in hours of work? Have you considered a mirror? No? We’re glad you are here!

Mirrors can be a great – and versatile – addition to a garden. They can help to create an illusion of space in a small garden or add a simple decoration. When well-placed, a mirror can create a secret window into another world or at least it can look like it does!

A mirror can brighten up a shaded corner with reflective light or enhance a visually stunning garden design. Think outside the box even and include mirrors in an unexpected way (we have some great examples!). Mirror balls are an easy way to incorporate a mirror into any garden design, but mirror fence – that’s unexpected!

We’ve gathered a collection of ideas to include mirrors in any garden space and we hope you find inspiration for your garden!

1. Antique Mirror


Source: Gardenista.com

The aged look of this mirror is a great example of how to add character to your garden. A large mirror like this can help to showcase a plant or area and make the space appear larger. The rusted looking planters to either side of the mirror create a great balance of old and new against the lively green plants.

2. White Mirror


Source: notjustahousewife.net

This white frame adds a touch of shabby chic to this garden space that complements the bench and floor lamp – seen reflected in the mirror. Including a large mirror and furniture in a cozy space like this can help to create a space that feels less like a garden and more like and extension of the house itself.

3. Mirrors On A Fence


Source: gardenwalkgardentalk.com

Hanging large, thickly framed mirrors against a fence helps to give the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. The lattice work frames add a charming country touch to this patio area. Hanging them under a shaded area helps to balance the shadows cast on the fence.

4. Window Pane Mirror


Source: threedogsinagarden.com

Peeking out from behind climbing vines and bushes, this mirror looks more like a secret window into another section of the garden. This is a great idea for a whimsical fairy garden, creating a magical, mysterious corner in the garden. An old window pane can make a great outdoor mirror frame and can be found for relatively cheap prices at flea markets for a fun DIY project.

5. Ornate Mirror


Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

Picking out a gorgeous ornate frame can be a great addition to your garden. Make it even more fun by painting it a bright, eye-catching color or even aging it a bit with an antique treatment. This particular blue stands out well against the red bricks and the bright green of the bush in front of it.

6. Colored Mirror Ball


Source: gardenwalkgardentalk.com

Mirror balls are a simple and fun way to incorporate mirrors into your garden. They come in different colors and patterns and they don’t even have to be a true mirror ball like this one! Use a mosaic ball with mirrors or make your own and use small mirrors in the design.

7. Mirror In A Hedge


Source: plumsiena.com

Placing a large mirror in the garden can be a way to cover an unsightly spot or, like in this case, creates a unique space that can reflect a highlight of the garden. Imagine this in the middle of a hedge maze, it would make a totally unique look in any garden!

8. Mosaic Mirror Fence


Source: hometalk.com

Broke a mirror? We hope not, that’s seven years bad luck! But if you did, or you find a broken mirror, use the shards to make a beautiful, light-reflecting mosaic on a fence or shed! This one looks like a stunning display of fireworks in the garden.

9. Eclectic Mirror Fence


Hanging an eclectic collection of mirrors on a fence or wall can be a good way to add visual interest and some fun to a boring space. Mix them in with other sculptures and wall hangings can create a cool visual that can be used throughout the garden.

10. Dresser With Vanity Mirror


Source: GrizzlyBearModern

Repurposing an old dresser can be an interesting and creative way to add to a garden. Keeping or adding a vanity mirror to the top is a fun addition. Bonus: look at the frames in the background! What a excellent and easy idea to dress up a space!

11. Bistro Table


Source: houseandgarden.co.uk

Hanging a large mirror in a small, closed off patio space can be a great way to expand the space without much effort. This mirror makes this urban patio seem open and spacious instead of cluttered and tight.

12. Mirror With Sculpture


Source: blogspirator.blogspot.com

If you have a signature sculpture that you absolutely love why not showcase it? Putting a mirror behind it can help showoff the sculpture from all angles with the added benefit of expanding the space.

13. DIY Mirror Ball


Source: nellhillsblog.com

A classic silver mirror ball can be a sleek and simple addition to your garden. An easy DIY would be to paint a bowling ball, or similar smooth, spherical object with chrome spray paint!

14. Mirrored Shed


Source: midnightword.blogspot.com

Covering a shed with mirror pieces, or similarly shaped mirrors, can be a cool addition to your garden. This one creates a crazy optical illusion that makes the shed seem to disappear. This could also be a great way to brighten up a dark backyard.

15. Mirrored Fence


Source: Alyson Shotz

This idea is stellar! If you want the added privacy and security of a fence, without the sight of a fence mirroring it may be the way to go!  This makes the fence far less noticeable and shows off a gorgeous yard, garden, or landscape.

16. Mirror With Water Feature


In a classic cottage garden, including a mirror in the back of this water feature surrounded by mossy cobblestones gives this space a fantastical feel. Like you could be looking into another world! Surrounding it with draping ivy and other climbing plants gives it an added bit of mystery.

17. Arched Mirror


Repurposing an old window frame as a mirror  can be a great way to find something that fits your style for cheap! This gorgeous, quite little corner makes a great place to host afternoon tea or a small luncheon hidden back amoung the greenery.

18. Garden Mantel


Source: shabbystory.com

Create a charming and unique garden space by repurposing an old fireplace mantle! This is a great way to showcase an area or take up otherwise empty space. Paint it, distress it, mosaic it – anything goes when adapting it to your particular garden style!