15 Amazing Tree Stump Planter Ideas

Unfortunately, there are times when it becomes necessary to cut down trees. Sometimes they carry diseases and bacteria that threaten surrounding plant-life, sometimes their growth threatens other structures, and other times their roots can destroy a landscape.

Whatever reason you may have for cutting down a tree, it is important to know that it does not have to be a completely destructive action against nature! Another tree may be planted to replace it, but a new tree can take several decades or even more to grow.

Did you recently have a tree cut down on your property? Utilize the what's left of it and make a Tree Stump to Planter out of it. Read here to learn how.

Tree Stump Garden 12

A more immediate way to give back to nature and utilize the stump of the tree, is to convert it into a unique and stylish planter! There are countless options for planters out there, but utilizing a stump helps you by getting rid of an eyesore in your backyard, as well as being a cost-free way to plant flowers or any other desired greenery!

Take a look at these fifteen examples of tree stumps that have been converted into planters, and find some inspiration to create your own natural planter.

1. Triple Twisted Stump

Tree Stump Garden 1

Image Source: Ed Montonsun

Instead of ripping out this stump and destroying a paved driveway, these creative innovators turned each cut section into a large planter for colorful flowers! This is a great way to add some color to the exterior of your front entrance.

2. Fairy Home Stump

Tree Stump Garden 2

Source: The Magic Onions

An adorable alternative to stump removal, this design is decorated to look like a home for fairies! Recreate this idea to house your own local fairies or garden gnomes, and provide a great way to keep the kids entertained.

3. Freshly Stripped Stumps

Tree Stump Garden 3

A smooth surface all around, these stumps have a somewhat sophisticated look and can be moved around to create the perfect look for your garden or backyard.

4. Rotting Wicked Stump

Tree Stump Garden 4

Source: Flickr

An rotten stump surrounded by asphalt would otherwise only be a symbol of decay. Yet by filling it with soil and planting new flowers, it can become an example of how fruitful life can be!

5. Aged Fungus Feature

Tree Stump Garden 5

Source: Gardening Know How

An old stump overcome with fungus and moss is converted into a characteristic planter, hosting bright and vibrant wildflowers.

6. Aged Natural Stumps

Tree Stump Garden 6

Source: The Impatient Gardener

These two stumps are somewhat mashed together, but the lush greenery planted around them and colorful flowers planted inside provide an attractive look.

7. Fresh Double Tree Stumps

Tree Stump Garden 7

Source: Home Edit

These two massive tree stumps would otherwise be an eyesore in a beautiful garden. However, with the center dug out and flowers planted on the inside, they become a crucial part of the garden.

8. Natural Moveable Stump

Tree Stump Garden 8

This large stripped stump holds attractive pink and yellow flowers. This design is convenient as it can be moved to wherever you feel your garden needs a little bit of natural color.

9. Palm Planter Stump

Tree Stump Garden 10

Image Source: Blogspot

These sawed off palm stumps provide a unique and stylish planter for any small green plant. Otherwise, dig out more of the center and plant a colorful flower to spice up your garden area.

10. Natural Garden Stump

Tree Stump Garden 11

Source: Lowes

A large overgrown stump, this example looks quite natural and assimilated into the garden around it. An array of different plant life growing from the stump provides a wonderful display of color.

11. Stained Wood Stump

Tree Stump Garden 12

Source: Wormedia

This stump has been sanded down and stained and glossed over. The combination of artificial and natural resources makes this planter unique and inspiring.

12. White Painted Stump

Tree Stump Garden 13

Source: Funsterz

This large stump has been painted white, and pops out from beneath lush plants and running vines. Using paint to accent your own stump planter can turn an already unique idea into a one of a kind design!

13. Funnel Stump

Tree Stump Garden 14

Source: Vyatkasad

This naturally unique stump forms a perfect planter shape for any kind of flower or plant. Surrounded by flowers, this design is quite elegant.

14. Fresh Fungus Feature

Tree Stump Garden 15

Source: Lushome

This Large stump features bright yellow fungus growing around the base, which acts as a natural accent to the planter design. Tulips planted in the stump compliment the rest of the design.

15. Wicked Aged Stump

Tree Stump Garden 16

Source: Lushome

These wicked style logs branch out from an old worn stump. Embedded in the tangled stump, these bright red petunias provide some flair for an otherwise plain garden area.

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