Tips on Planting Fall Annuals & Bulbs

In this video, Teena Spindler discusses how to change flower beds for the fall season. Using these tips will allow any gardener to have a great looking garden in fall and spring seasons.

1. Don’t Remove Everything

Some plants you don’t want to remove as they will survive throughout the fall and winter seasons and bloom again in the spring. Please, be aware of what plants you will need to trim to prepare for the fall season.

2. Improve The Soil

Every time you remove plants and plan on replanting, you will need to place new soil in the area. Place three inches of soil on top, and then cultivate the soil six inches down into the garden bed.

3. Repetition

When planting new flowers, place them in groups of three and two by size and color. Next, fill in the edges and spaces in between with smaller plants.

4. Bulbs

If you have bulbs, drop them in the open spaces between your new plants.

5. Planting

Plant the larger flowers and plants first to reduce crowding. When the larger plants are planted, plant your bulbs. Plant the bulbs at least six inches into the ground with the pointed side facing upward.

The last step is to cover up all the open pits and water the bed of the garden so that everything becomes settled. Now your garden will look great approaching the fall season.