Cottage Garden Style Design

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This beautifully-crafted video is about one of the most popular types of home garden…the Cottage Garden Style.
Displayed in this short-video are some ways people who love to garden may organize their gardens in an elegant, delightfully-charming way that flows harmoniously with nature.

Some essential elements often found in some of the best of home Cottage gardens are picket fences, charming brick or gravel paths, structures to introduce guests into your garden– such as arched gates and obelisks; and delightful decorative pieces that inspire the senses, such as sun dials and armillary spheres.

Favorites such as Roses, Foxglove, Delphinium, and Peonies are featured. In-addition, ways of planting herbs and vegetables are briefly observed.

From our garden to yours, we wish you the very best!