17 Marvelous Garden Decoration Creations


SHOP FOR GARDEN STATUARY HERE The backbone of a garden is based on what is growing there, but that doesn't mean that decorations can't be every bit as important as the living plants! The decorations in a garden or backyard set a certain tone for the … [Continue reading]

17 Fresh and Fancy Recycled Hanging Baskets


We can appreciate our gardens because they are ultimately a way for us to interact with nature. Whether we are introducing new man-made features to a landscape, or cultivating land to produce the best plants possible, we are interacting with the land … [Continue reading]

10 Garden Edging Ideas With Bricks and Rocks


Are you lacking something in your landscaping? Edging your garden bed may be all you need! When it comes to edging a garden or flower bed, there are hundreds of options: wood, concrete, recycled glass bottles, and even china plates and seashells. … [Continue reading]

30 Herb Garden Ideas To Spice Up Your Life


Herb gardens, whether yours is indoors or outdoors, are a great way to begin gardening. They're easy to take care of, don't take up a lot of space, and can be customized to whatever you desire. Gardening is hard work, particularly if you have a … [Continue reading]

10 Charming DIY Outdoor Storage Ideas


Outdoor storage, it seems like it is always an issue. Storage in general seems like it is always an issue. Either there is never enough of it or there is no good way to store your tools, cushions, outdoor cookware, pink lawn flamingoes, etc. It is an … [Continue reading]

Video: Tips on How to Start a Flower Garden


Senior horticulturalist for the Atlanta Botanical Garden David Rife details the tools you’ll need and techniques you should employ to create your own flower garden of annuals, perennials or a combination of both. Covering everything from … [Continue reading]