The Different Types of Orchids

Ines Blue Orchids 2013

Orchids are delicate, beautiful flowers in vibrant shades that you may have seen for sale in your local supermarket. Although they look delicate and can be somewhat intimidating for a person who can't seem to keep their houseplants alive, in reality, … [Continue reading]

The Surprisingly Different Types Of Tulips

Fringed tulips

Tulips are an incredibly distinctive breed of flower, instantly identifiable around the world. In the most dry, scientific terms, the tulip is a bulbous flowering perennial plant encompassing around 75 currently accepted wild species belonging to … [Continue reading]

The Different Types of Lilies


Big, beautiful lily flowers are some of the most recognizable flowers in the world. The flower is actually so popular that many flowers with "lily" in the name aren't actually true lilies! Daylilies, calla lilies, water lilies, and lily of the valley … [Continue reading]

5 Deadly Plants You Might Have at Home


As gardeners, we are surrounded by beautiful plants that we grow indoors or outdoors. While some of these plants and flowers are readily edible, and many are, some of the most widely grown ornamental flowers can be fatal. As you look around your … [Continue reading]

Tasty Gardening: 25 Edible Flowers


Fine restaurants have increased interest in the creative use of flowers in the kitchen. Many gardeners enjoy flowers for color — or for attracting humming birds, butterflies and honey bees. Add to your gardening pleasure by growing flowers for food … [Continue reading]

Beautiful White Fence Landscaping Ideas

Garden Fence Pink Roses Sage Speedwell Catmint

The white picket fence is one of the most indelible pieces of garden imagery of modern times. It's a truly versatile, universal signifier of a well-kept landscape that appears on countless lawns and gardens around the world. The pristine white tones … [Continue reading]