20 Favorite Perennial Flowers


It's no wonder that for generations perennial flowers have graced gardens around the world. There is a certain pleasure in seeing the arrival each year of favorites that like wildflowers, just seem to happen on their own. Once established in their … [Continue reading]

Garden Lovers Club – Rose Gallery


Welcome to our Rose Gallery. This unique display will take you on a garden-like walk through roses of all colors. The variety of the rose flower is often over looked in favor of the classic rose. This velvet symbol of love is enchanting and beautiful … [Continue reading]

10 Lovely Garden Mosaic Project Ideas


Welcome to our Mosaic Project Ideas Gallery. The following projects are both practical and beautiful, and have complete tutorials to go with them. you can use a wide variety of materials to make these. Some have used broken plates, glass, or old … [Continue reading]

DIY Clay Flower Pot People for Your Garden


These are SOOOOOOOOO cute! You can build these yourself and place them anywhere in your garden, put them on your deck, next to the BBQ, near the pool, in the front porch, they'll look great anywhere! My kids LOVE these, this weekend we are off to the … [Continue reading]

11 Beautiful Hydrangea Flowers


Welcome to our gallery of Hydrangea. Take a look at these Hydrangea, they are just gorgeous! Hydrangeas originated as native plants in southern and eastern Asia. There are about 75 different species of hydrangeas. These beautiful plants have … [Continue reading]

15 Breathtaking Tree Tunnels & Canopies


Planet Earth is home to some amazing and beautiful places, bursting with colorful and diverse flora that captivates the imagination of humanity with their splendor, purity, grace, and magnificence and allow for moments of peaceful meditation, silent … [Continue reading]

The Different Types of Gardenias


Gardenias are reminiscent of warm nights, sweet romance and vintage beauty. A symbol of the south, they bring to mind lavish gardens and sprawling manors. When planted around a porch or near windows, gardenias infuse the air in the home with a scent … [Continue reading]

Caring For English Daisies


English daisies are a great way to fill out a garden with hundreds of petite flowers. Their hearty nature allows them to grow in any kind of soil. They are also simple and inexpensive to care for. English daisies are often used to cover the tougher … [Continue reading]

How To Grow Columbines

While there are many aesthetically appealing plants that one could opt to grow in their garden, columbines are a particularly attractive plant. The columbine plant (which is officially referred to as the Aquilegia), is a perennial that is relatively … [Continue reading]