DIY Greenhouse Construction [VIDEO]

A greenhouse is an excellent way to grow a variety of plants, keeping them protected from extreme heat, cold, or other unpredictable weather.

Greenhouses also shield your plants from bugs and other pests, and can be a picturesque addition to your property. Unfortunately, most people do not already have a greenhouse built in their backyard. However, if you have some building experience, building your own greenhouse is not as overwhelming of a task as you may think.

This video from Ted’s Dixie Sheds gives step-by-step instructions on how to build a greenhouse from scratch. In the video, Ted explains exactly what materials you need to construct your greenhouse and shows each step of the building process. He gives great building and construction tips for every step.

Building your own greenhouse has a variety of benefits. The greenhouse itself will be extremely helpful for growing plants, and the process of building something with your own two hands can be a rewarding experience. Watch Ted’s video to learn all the steps of building your greenhouse!