Growing Food In The Winter With This Simple Backyard Greenhouse

In this video, narrated by successful gardener Margaret Park, you will learn the secret to creating a wonderful and space-conscious greenhouse that grow a variety of earthy edibles.
With some careful planning, plenty of 3/4″ PVC pipes, plastic sheeting, clips to attach the sheeting to the pipes and any number of crops appropriate to the season, you can foster a victory garden capable of resisting most frost and chill.

Although the video features a lush garden of beets, Swiss chard, lettuce, kale, parsnips, carrots and spinach, those crops are not the only ones recommended for growing in winter. Do some research at a garden center or farmer’s market and see what other crops you can find. One added benefit of this particular greenhouse is that it can be converted for growing summer crops by swapping out the plastic sheeting for a tarp or other variety of shading cloth.